Star Jalsha to launch ‘Mahapeeth Tarapeeth’ in February


Star Jalsha has announced the launch of its new series ‘Mahapeeth Tarapeeth’, which will explore the manifestation of the unparalleled Tarapeeth.

It will depict how the Tantric Hindu temple became the revered Shakti Peeth by regaling tales known and unknown that surround it. Set in 19th century Bengal, the show will narrate the origins of this transcendent shrine- the journey from fear to faith and chart the various phases of Maa Tara and Sadhak Byamakhyapa’s journey to fight against societal evils. It will narrate the journey of the omnipotent goddess’ origin and her miracles, her connection with her ardent devotee Byamakhyapa and the obstacles they overcome to abolish malpractices and superstitions in tumultuous times.

The title music is composed by ace music director Jeet Ganguly and sung by none other than Shreya Ghosal. The leads will be portrayed by Nabanita Daswho plays the part of Maa Tara, Sabyasachi Chowdhury plays the part of Byamakhyapa and Sumit Ganguly who plays the part of the Tantrik.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sagnik Ghosh, Executive Vice President and Business Head of Star Jalsha and Jalsha Movies said, “Star Jalsha has always striven to introduce stories and characters which are memorable yet distinctive. Whether it is romance, comedy, mythology or devotion, we have always aspired to present something unique with every show which our viewers can relate with. A story of devotion & inspiration, good versus evil, right and wrong, Mahapeeth Tarapeeth is about one of the most powerful deities, her devotee and their journey. And we are very excited to present this mystical enigma of tales known and unknown to the small screen.”

Mr. Subrata Roy, Producer of Mahapeeth Tarapeeth said, “No one can exaggerate the immense importance of the mother goddess in the Bengali psyche. Deep down in every Bengali’s heart is a very special place dedicated to Maa Kaali or her more benevolent, more maternal form of Maa Tara. It is no surprise then that Tarapeeth is one of the most revered temples in Bengal.

Neither is its name and fame limited to Bengal; among the fifty-two Shakti-peeth or maha-peeth, Tarapeeth is one of the most well-known in India and beyond. Among the many peeths, Tarapeeth is a siddha peeth, which grants enlightenment, wisdom, happiness and siddhis (“supernatural powers”).
The saga of Tarapeeth goes back many centuries and is full of countless wonderful stories – stories of miracles and spirituality… stories of the everlasting battle between evil and good… stories of the beautiful bond between the devotee and the deity… stories of trials and tribulations faced by man in his quest for truth and the ultimate triumph of faith.

The stories traverse mythological to medieval to modern times. It is said that Sage Vasistha was the very first one to worship the Mother Goddess as TaaraMaa, the eternal and universal mother. Since then the soil of Tarapeeth has been blessed by so many renowned saints and spiritual leaders and has witnessed so many miracles that this can deemed the most hallowed place in Bengal.

We want to tell all these wonderful and dramatic stories… some of them are already well-known but are so close to people’s hearts that nobody tires of hearing them again and again… and some of the stories have never been heard before. And we want to tell these stories in a way that celebrates the faith of the common man, and the heartfelt love for the goddess MaaTaara whose blessings bring solace for all troubled souls”.

‘Mahapeeth Tarapeeth’ launches on Monday 4th February at 22:00.

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