Al Jazeera English & Arabic launch on Freeview UK

Azha Khan



Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera Arabic, in partnership with Global Distribution Services and Synapse TV, have launched on Freeview (channels 267 and 268), leveraging state-of-the-art technology to reach the UK’s largest TV platform.

Global Distribution Services is a leading content aggregator specialising in FAST channels, pay TV, and digital monetisation.

Synapse serves as its technology provider and is renowned for pioneering a unique FAST Server-Side Ad-Insertion system and Content Delivery Network (CDN), designed specifically for targeting Free-to-Air (FTA), Connected TV (CTV), and mobile platforms.

Al Jazeera Arabic stands as a prominent news channel in the Middle East, acclaimed for its refreshing new perspective on regional and global affairs. Meanwhile, Al Jazeera English delivers international news and current affairs narratives that place people at the heart of the story. Rooted in the belief that everyone has a story worth hearing, the channels enjoy access to over 70 international bureaus.

Previously, Synapse and Global Distribution Services successfully launched channels like WION by Zee Media, FailArmy, Pet Collective, ROK, and many others, including their multi-channel platform Channelbox, which now boasts over 70 FAST channels on Freeview channel 271.

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Commenting on the launch, Tanya Kronfli, managing director of Global Distribution Services and Synapse TV’s content partner, said: “We are honoured that Al Jazeera chose us to deliver their channels to Freeview and thrilled that the innovative technology allows us to bring more diverse channels to the UK audience”.

Chris Wass, director of Synapse TV Ltd, said in a statement: “Thank you to Al Jazeera for choosing GDS/Synapse to distribute their premium content to the entire connected Freeview audience. By supporting Freeview devices sold in the last decade the Synapse FAST SSAI & CDN adds value and consistency to the Freeview offering whilst providing the content-owner with maximum reach on the UKs largest TV platform”.

Ramzan Alnoaimi, Acting Executive Director of Global Brand and Communications at Al Jazeera Media Network, stated, “Launching two of our flagship channels on Freeview through our partnership with Global Distribution Services and Synapse TV marks a strategic move that enables our Network to connect with and engage millions of viewers in the United Kingdom, granting our audience the valuable opportunity to access the in-depth news and award-winning content of Al Jazeera English and Arabic from around the world. We are truly excited to our presence in the U.K. through this partnership and the multitude of opportunities it brings.”

The launch of Al Jazeera English and Arabic on Freeview utilises the cutting-edge Synapse FAST SSAI & CDN, compatible with modern HbbTV-based TVs as well as older Freeview devices. This ensures maximum accessibility across the Freeview network.