The AT Word: Why Ranveer-Deepika top the gushworthy scale


Ever since that October day when two of the most sought-after stars, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, announced that they were to get married, it seems everyone was waiting with bated breath not only for their photos but their future. Sound familiar? Good. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Their love story was well-known and happened pretty much before the world’s eyes. While there has been speculation over the last few years that the two had split, they’ve very comfortably been living their lives fully immersed in love for the last six years – as the now new Mrs Singh Bhavnani confirmed when she appeared recently in the season opener of ‘Koffee with Karan 6’.

It’s been almost refreshing to the see the way the two actors have dealt with speculation in the first few years about their relationship. Padukone was quick to deny it at any opportunity she got but Singh was forthcoming enough for one to know there was something more to their relationship than being co-stars or maybe “good friends”. However, looking back at their interactions with one another in front of the media as the months and years passed, those who couldn’t see the love that was so obvious must feel like real mugs because even Padukone’s gestures and actions pointed only towards her now husband. However, that wouldn’t have stopped your excitement about their wedding which happened last week. In fact, you would still have been one of those people who – despite your uncertainty about their equation – could see that they couldn’t be more perfect for one another.

Their wedding, which took place in one of the most exclusive villas in Lake Como, kept the media at bay. So, although the fans and many of the media publications who weren’t in the location to cover the event will have wanted to be first with the photos and news, here were two people very much in love who wanted to share this day in the most special way possible. They didn’t want the media to be a part of their already very public lives but they wanted instead to exchange vows and promise themselves to one another just with their nearest and dearest playing witness. This is perhaps the most endearing about their love story. The same can also be said for Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma who did the same not long ago, the only difference being that they didn’t actually announce their marriage before it took place quite in the same way that the Singh Bhavnanis did.

So… let’s put their Instagram interaction over the past few months aside for a moment. Let’s also put the fact that we’ve seen them romance each other on the big screen aside too. Let’s focus on why we gush and why we will continue gushing over this love story. Maybe it’s because when they’re together, they literally can’t stop smiling? Maybe it could be because they seem to just fit together like you want them to last forever? Maybe it’s because it’s possible that even though the world of showbiz can often come across as just glamour can also produce a fairytale?

As the couple arrived back in Mumbai now married, there were new photographs aside from their wedding ones which we could all gush over. And gush we did! And may we gush forever at this modern day love story which has, quite frankly, unravelled before our very eyes.

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