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Sky Glass – Is it worth switching to watch the Asian TV channels?

Sky Glass – Playlist feature over reliance on broadcasters to upload programmes

Sky Glass is a new Sky TV platform that’s delivered entirely over the internet and therefore free of a satellite dish.

It’s available in the UK now and is also for the time being at least, the only way to get Sky entirely through your TV is to buy a Sky Glass TV that has it built in.

Currently the only Asian TV channels available on Sky Glass are:

701 Utsav Bharat
702 Utsav Plus
703 Utsav Gold
704 Sony TV
705 Sony MAX
706 Sony SAB
707 Sony MAX 2
711 B4U Movies
712 B4U Music
713 Sky News Arabia

However, one of the biggest selling points of Sky Glass is the “Playlists” feature – a feature which effectively replaces recording programmes. Once you add a program to your playlist, it adds it to your playlist container – you then should be able to watch the current and previous episodes in one place.

One of the flaws we have seen is that currently the playlists feature is not fully working as intended for the Asian channels. We have tested several programmes, added them to playlists and we have been unable to watch previous episodes or current episodes of popular shows ‘Anupamaa’ (Utsav Plus), ‘Kaamnaa’ (Sony TV), and ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ (Sony TV), ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ (Utsav Plus), ‘Star Stop’, (B4U Music), ‘Sooper Hits’ (B4U Music). These were just a handful of programmes we tried to download episodes for but there were no recent or any episodes available.

Upon contacting one of the Asian broadcasters, they blamed “teething issues” caused by a “vendor” and they said the issue will be rectified soon.

We asked Sky to comment, but they did not provide a explanation as to why the playlist feature was still not ready for all channels on Sky Glass.

With the over reliance on broadcasters to upload their programmes to Sky Glass and it’s very limited offering of Asian channels, we think it’s not currently worth switching to Sky Glass.

If you have a view about Sky Glass, please let us know, leave a comment below or email us