Sara gets candid about dad Saif in ‘Koffee with Karan 6’


In one of those episodes in the season which you would want to watch without a doubt, Saif Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan join Karan Johar on today’s episode of ‘Koffee with Karan’. The show marks Sara’s first such interaction after the trailer of her first shot movie ‘Kedarnath’ released.

What’s immediately fresh about Saif and Sara is how talkative and forthcoming the latter is and how reserved her father seems to be. It’s evident that Saif is always thinking a little about what he says but Sara is candid as hell. Since the moment Johar explains that she’s an interesting combination of both Saif and her mother Amrita Singh, she absolutely owns it and says “Of course I’m weird”. She also puts it out there that her and her father clash a lot and she’s always accused by one of her parents of being too much like the other.

The most interesting part of the conversation comes when Johar quizzes them both on equations in their personal life, with Sara being Saif’s daughter from his first marriage and how they all seem very happy in this set up. Sara is quick to say that she feels good that both of her parents are happy and she has two happy homes as opposed to one uncomfortable home. She also says she cherishes the fact that she’s never been told how to treat people but that the people around her have always been very sincere and clear in their own way of dealing with things. It’s definitely an interesting watch to see her being so open about that part of her life but also to see Saif sometimes cringing at her descriptions and wondering whether she should really have opened up quite so much.

The trio also touch on the popularity of Taimur Ali Khan, Saif and wife Kareena Kapoor Khan’s son, who will soon be marking is 2nd birthday. He is most definitely a superstar in his own right with snippets shown from well known names within the paparazzi circle in India giving their take on the toddler.

The rapid fire really gives Sara the chance to shine and that she absolutely does, showing the host and her father that she is straight-forward and will not skirt around questions. Instead she chooses to be very honest and forthright, meaning she ends up winning the all-important hamper – and that too in her first ever appearance on the show! The quiz at the end this time comes in the form of an ongoing answering session, with Saif again very clearly losing to his daughter.

Overall, it cannot be ignored that Sara Ali Khan comes across as composed and a complete natural at expressing herself in the appropriate way that many will be surprised about. She is absolutely a version of Saif and Amrita that will be making waves in years to come and seeing her share this couch with her father has shown exactly how she wants to conduct herself no matter what he says. She’s confident, sassy and well aware of what comes with the career path she’s chosen to go down. Saif should be a proud father and he should make it a point of showing that more – especially because it didn’t seem quite as apparent during this one-hour show!

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