Gul Khan confirms ‘IPKKND 3’ on Star Plus


Popular producer, Gul Khan has exclusively confirmed details for the third season of ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3’.

Over the past few weeks, there have been rumours aplenty about the show. However, Khan in an interview with Raj Baddhan on Sabras Radio’s Drivetime show, finally put the record straight. She told Baddhan that the show will be a daily on Star Plus, starting sometime after the Indian Premier League concludes. It will star Barun Sobti (pictured), who plays Advay Singh Raizada, along with Shivani Tomar.

Asked if Sanaya Irani, who played the part of Khushi in the original series, will be seen in third season, Khan said, “No no, for this show we always thought about someone different as the story demands a different character.”

Khan also confirmed that the show will not be a continuation of the first season, even though the title carries on. She also denied rumours husband Gorky will be directing the series.

The full interview with Khan is available to listen back to here.

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  1. Gul khan, you are such an evil person and barun you are just a spineless jerk. Do whatever show you wanna do, but don’t use ipk’s name and character. Your show will be a big flop

  2. He quited ipk because of film’s and health issues and he said he can’t do daily soaps and now he’s back again in the same show IPK3 same name ASR same Ph Gul same channel Starplus..Wah barun sobti wah…Anyways do whatever you want but don’t spoil or copy the first season of IPK.

  3. Good for them.If,today he has no problem wid same show,same channel n same PH then,what happened that time? Big shame for Gul Khan.She is not loyal for those artists who were loyal for her 1st season.

  4. No wonder he was kicked out of Bollywoood ! he bashed the TV industry ..long working hrs . On ur IV Raj baddhan he said how IPK made him Brain dead ! How did You forget that ! What Integrity does this man have ! I know you have punjabi affiliation and you cater to his fans but for God’s sake do not support EVIL ! Barun and Gul Conspired agianst Sanaya in 2012 and got the show shut down and they are conspiring now ! Gul Khan is running sanaya Bashing FC’s ! Was it not clear when she kept on saying how she is not on Social media and she kept on ranting how she is bashed ! If she is not on social media how does she know she is bashed ! It is she who is creating fake id’s on social media to bash Sanaya and Barun is part of all this ! These bastards will be reborn as insects and eat bird poop. Tell them that when you iv them next time ! The problem is we have been here for last 5 years and seen all ! We are not some new fans that Barun will Fool us !

  5. Can’t you pple see someone growing??
    I just don’t understand why you pple are blaming him…or abusing him…he is not your slave…definitely not…he ll not do whatever you want him to do…you ppl are abusing him and then calling you his biggest fan…it’s totally his decision to quit ipkknd..because he wanted to do sth different… Sth that ll grow him…sth that will add up to his success…and being his fans we should support him…there are some pple like our super hero…who know what is better for them…n then without any delay…go for it..and there are some ppl who can just sit n blame others…nd yes I guarantee…he ll b successful man…he is still successful… He is a great actor and a great human…he deserve it…n for barun…plss go with your intuition…do whatever you feel like doing…n of course keep rocking as always…don’t stop for these barking dogs…as if you ll stop for every barking dog on your way…you won’t reach your destination at time…”when you fly high ppl ll throw stones at you…fly so high that stones cant reach you..”
    And there are billions of ppl like me…who ll support you…no matter what…
    With lots of love…luv you barun…!!!!

  6. He is extremely talented…and most genuine person i ve ever seen….whatever he did at that time was need of that hour…and this is need of this hour…!!!!
    Cant you understand this simple logic…and ofcourse…pple who u guys are bashing are the same ppl who made ipkknd…so plss mind you language…and pls mind you mind…and barun has always said movie and tv are both same for him…he just want to do different work…this ipkknd 3 is definitely different from 1…obviously ipkknd 1 is something magical…bt you cant stick to one show…guys life moves on…nd pls you guys too move on…!!!!

    • If Barun want to do different thing why he will acting same name movie. This is a dilemma and a irony.Yes Barun is extremely talented but it’s not enough for becoming perfect actor. Barun and his producer must to be carefully about ethical and professional rules. How accurate is it to ignore the audiences voice ? Please look at Bollywood King SRK! He has great respect for the audience. Not only talented in acting. At the same time he is very attentive and respectful in relation to the audience. And of course the actor and audience mutually develop each other only this way. (And please look at SRK Kajol chemistry) Best regards.

  7. Gul mam ,,wt hppn to u without sarun its bg flop y cnt u undrstnd ,,,,,o b shivani no no no pls brng sarun tgthr ,,,gul mam y u playing with fans fellings try to undrstand,,,,,king k sath queen hi honi chayiye ,,,,,,,so bst bring sarun tgthr ,,,,,,,????

  8. This is a great disrespect for both Sanaya Iranı and IPKKND audiences. Barun Sobti is prisoner of Gul Khan and popularity. He says want to do different things. Then why IPKKND again? And why the same director, same producer?????? It is not good and ethical behavior.

  9. Mr Sobti said no to IPK, no to dailies and after 5 years he is back with his tail tucked in between his legs, rubbing his nose to the ground. Shame on you Mr Sobti. You are a pathetic unethical liar. You come back to the same medium that you do disrespected.

  10. Do not judge him so much Barun Sobti. In the first film, he was afraid of himself, of what he was experiencing, by his wife. He forced him to leave at one point in the shoot. See why? RELIABILITY Of course. – without Sanja-NO. Miss Khan do not do it.

  11. I am gutted that Sanya Irani won’t be cast, when it’s clear they had amazing onscreen chemistry, it’s only because she is an older actress, it’s just sexism, producers are always casting fresh faced actresses as the female lead, I would love to see more older actresses on screen as they are more experienced and can add more depth to their character, why was not a fresh faced male lead cast ????

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