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Sumi Somaskanda announced as Chief Presenter for BBC News

In ongoing changes at BBC News, Sumi Somaskanda has been appointed as Chief Presenter for BBC News.

Somaskanda previously served as a senior presenter and correspondent for DW News, Germany’s international broadcaster where she covered global politics and current affairs.

Sumi, along with another chief presenter to be announced shortly, will be based in Washington DC, reflecting the expanded primetime coverage which will be anchored there.

Paul Royall, Acting Executive Editor of BBC News, says, “Sumi is a real journalistic talent whose international news experience, dynamic presentation skills and approachable style make her ideal for the role and we’re delighted to welcome her to the BBC.”

Sumi said, “I’m thrilled to join the BBC and its incredible team of journalists bringing accurate and impartial information to viewers and users across the world. I look forward to being a part of the BBC’s coverage of the biggest stories making news.”

BBC is in the process of algamating its BBC News UK channel with the BBC World News service, to save costs.