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Sooraj Pancholi: “These people will drive me to commit suicide”

After shocking claims that linked Sooraj Pancholi with the late celebrity manager, Disha Salian, the actor has broken his silence.

Refuting rumours of ever meeting Salian, Pancholi took to Instagram to categorically deny the claims and shut the rumours down with an angry post. Furthermore, in an interview with India Today, Pancholi said, “I am trying to stay positive right now. You know, as strong and as positive as I can be, I don’t discuss this with my family because I know they are already in a lot of stress because of me, thinking about me all the time.”

He added, “In fact, my mother thinks that I’m going to harm myself. And she has spoken to me a couple of times. Even after Sushant’s death, she spoke to me saying, ‘Sooraj, whatever it is, if there’s anything in your heart please come and talk to us. Don’t be quiet.’ I’m not a very talkative person when it comes to my problems. I don’t discuss with my family because I know they’re stressed because of me”

Referring to the Sushant Singh Rajput and Salian cases, Pancholi further stated, “And these people who are talking about me should have some sense and should have some kind of humanity. Because yeh fair nahi hai. They are destroying my life. I don’t know whether Sushant committed suicide or not. I don’t know. But these people will definitely drive me to commit suicide. I would like to say that.”

Pancholi has previously been charged for the abetment to suicide in Jiah Khan’s case.