Shravan Rathod from Nadeem-Shravan critical in hospital with Covid-19

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


It’s emerged today that Nadeem-Shravan’s Shravan Rathod is admitted in hospital with Covid-19 and is in a critical condition.

The composer’s son Sanjeev has confirmed the news, that his father is in Mumbai’s SL Raheja Hospital. He told Indian Express, “Yes, he tested positive for Covid-19 and is admitted to SL Raheja hospital in Mahim, he is very critical as he has other comorbidities also. Please pray for him”.

On Instagram, Sanjeev also said, “With folded hands I am requesting all our friends and fans around the world to pray for the speedy recovery of my partner Shravan who at the moment is in a critical condition in a Mumbai hospital”.

Nadeem-Shravan were known for their music in films in the 90s.