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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan splits from global manager Salman Ahmed

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who has been in the midst of controversy over a leaked video, in which he was seen hitting one of his students, has split from his global manager Salman Ahmed after 12 years.

The news was confirmed at a press conference in Lahore, in which he announced that his Pakistan company RFAK will merge with NRK, which is managed by his wife Nida Rahat and other relatives.

It is reported that Rahat and Salman’s relationship turned frosty, where they had disputes related to Rahat’s family and the global concerts.

Rahat told the press at the conference that he was seperating from “previous management in a loving and peaceful way.” Without naming his previous management, Rahat alleged that “previously payments were made to the company without my knowledge by the clients, and some clients remain trapped. I don’t want the repeat of this episode, so make payments only when I have personally signed on the receiving.”

Salman had hit back at the allegations. He said, “Only 5 days before the press conference, the maestro had asked me to meet him and finalize his UK tour and other dates that he had committed to with me. In 12 years, I did over $22 million worth of international business with him and local business worth over Rs12 billion plus. Beyond this, I was part of his personal matters, and I managed Rahat’s three marriages and children from all three to his business affairs. I was a shield, ready to take the first bullet if need be. Khan sahb has forgotten everything; my devotion and work speak for themselves. I am disappointed in the baseless allegations. I had a legal contract with him, and we used to take money on his behalf. I have paperwork for every cent he has taken, and now he can justify to the authorities all the taxes he has paid or not paid in lieu of his huge revenue stream. I am happy to give all paperwork to the FBR and the FIA.”