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Over 14,000 sign petition calling for Sangita Myska to be reinstated on LBC

Radio presenter Sangita Myska has seemingly been suspended by LBC after her ‘disappearance’ from her weekend slot on the station.

Myska has been absent from LBC’s schedule, with no explanation from the radio station or Sangita herself.

One listener, David Noble, has set up a petition – which at the time of writing has over 14,000 signatures – demanding Sangita be reinstated in her usual weekend role on the station.

The description reads: “As an avid listener and supporter of LBC, I am deeply saddened by the sudden and unexplained removal of Sangita Myska from the air. Sangita is a professional and thorough journalist whose insightful reporting has been a cornerstone of LBC’s programming. Her absence leaves a void that cannot be easily filled, depriving listeners of her unique perspective on critical issues.”

Ali Miraj has been presenting in Sangita’s usual 1pm to 4pm slot on the station, which is usually an unscripted show of phone-ins, often talking about wide-ranging topics in politics and social issues.