The UK’s first daily Asian radio drama starts this coming Monday (24th May 2004) on the BBC Asian Network. Silver Street follows the lives of young Asians living in a Midlands city and offers a fresh, fast-moving and topical portrayal of modern Asian life.

The ambitious project has drawn together some of the best British Asian talent in writing, production and performance, and formed a new team in BBC Radio Drama. Silver Street storylines tackle the issues and challenges facing the British Asian community in a fresh and entertaining way. Property developers, club promoters, a potential Asian football star and families with hopes, ambitions and secrets feature amongst the drama’s characters.

Their stories are played out against the backdrop of urban Britain – the municipal park, community centre and restaurants ? with a strong soundtrack, featuring newly commissioned music from prominent Asian artists Shri (of Badmarsh & Shri) and Niraj Chag. More than 1 million is being invested in the project which provides five daily, ten-minute episodes, broadcast Monday to Friday and repeated as an omnibus at the weekend.

The show airs twice a day, once during Sonia Deol’s popular morning talk show and then in Ray Khan’s Drivetime show, with an omnibus edition over the weekends.