Movie Review: ‘Rangreza’


With the Pakistani Film Industry growing at a rapid rate and, if the trailer Amir Mohuiddin’s ‘Rangreza’ are anything to go by, it seems another winner is upon the audiences. With an extremely promising star cast, a fresh director and a soundtrack that has awed everyone who’s heard it, this film gives the impression that it has the whole package to offer. However, the question remains as to if it’s enough to sustain strike the right chord with the audience.

The film opens with the introduction of the Qawwal family; of an ailing father Khan Saab who was once the best Qawwal player in his prime, his 2 sons and daughter-in-laws and his notorious grandson Waseem (who refers to himself as Waseem Walley) (Gohar Rasheed), who seems to be completely out of control. With the family representing the traditional music genre, the other hand presents Ali Zain (Bilal Ashraf), a famous pop/rock star who gains his musical inspiration from his experiences. On the night of his concert he encounters the beautiful Reshmi (Urwa Hocane), and for him it’s love at first sight. However, little does he know that Reshmi, being the granddaughter of Khan Saab, has been promised to her cousin Waseem since they were young. And this simple act of being in love could prove fatal for both him, Reshmi and the rest of their families.

It’s fair to say that the Pakistani Film Industry is full of great talent, especially if it’s producing fantastic new filmmakers like Mohiuddin. Showing the richness of Pakistan’s beauty in the first few shots, the audience is immediately encapsulated. Using a simple yet effective way to introduce all of the characters, Mohuiddin has managed to tell a beautiful story on music, beauty and most of all, love. It’s easy to realise how much space he gives his actors in order to make their characters their own, which in turn compels his audience to immerse themselves into each character’s emotions. It’s also very evident that Mohiuddin attempts to send a beautiful message of what it means to love and forgive through this story, making his viewers think more about their own actions. ‘Rangreza’ is an extremely impressive debut for the director, where one tends to forget that it is a directorial first for him.

Only being his fifth film, Ashraf is already becoming much of a favorite for cinema-goers, and through this film, it’s easy to see why. His portrayal as Ali is wonderful and he wins the hearts of the audiences as soon as he appears on screen. However, Ashraf has been rather creative with his character where at times he makes the audiences question Ali’s motives, adding layers that keeps the audience intrigued. Rasheed’s portrayal of Waseen Walley is nothing short of perfection. Again the actor is clever with his part as a negative character without being a complete villain. He proves his talent to the maximum in the film, where he makes the audience inclined to watch his next move even if they’re afraid of what the outcome will be. Hocane is another actress who has become an appreciated talent for her on-screen presence. She is a sheer joy to watch in this film. Her role as Reshmi is probably the most heartfelt and the viewers become completely engrossed in her character, sympathising with her and relating to her emotions as their own. As a trio, the three actors work extremely well together on-screen. The chemistry between each of them is powerful and enlightening.

With music being a big part of setting the foundation of the film, it comes to no surprise that the album of ‘Rangreza’ matches the film’s elegance and intensity. The title track poses as a perfect introduction to the film and Ashraf’s character and adds a vibrant vibe to the rest of the soundtrack. The greatest addition to the album has been Abida Parveen with ‘Phool Kil Jaayien’ which also features Asrar Shah. Becoming an instant hit ever since its release, this song reflects the romantic and soulful feel to the film and works perfectly as a way of moving the story along. Another instant hit is ‘Bulleya’ sung again by Shah, reflecting the mood of the story’s climax brilliantly. Like many love stories, this album is one that had to include a wonderful item song, performed by Hocane. Picturised beautifully, with the vocals of Jonita Gandhi, it adds another different genre of music to the album. The song ‘Kalu’ sees Rasheed in an out-and-out dancing number, showing the slightly humourous side of his character. Both ‘Balamawa’ and ‘Janasheen’ are also beautiful additions to the album and the film.

Overall, ‘Rangreza’ is a wonderful film that represents brilliant film-making at its core. Audiences will find themselves completely engrossed in its characters, the storyline and its important message of love, forgiveness, and reflection. With audiences gripped by the characters and swaying to the music, Mohiuddin has done a perfect job in making a film that works well in each element. Ashraf, Rasheed, and Hocane have performed to an outstanding standard, making it difficult to imagine anyone else stepping into the shoes of these characters. Rating: 4.5/5

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