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Karan Johar to produce Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film with Atlee?

Rumours about Shah Rukh Khan upcoming projects have been doing the rounds for months, without much confirmation from any of the superstar’s camp.

There have been rumours of Khan working with Rajkumar Hirani, Ali Abbas Zafar and South filmmaker, Atlee. If latest buzz is to be believed then it seems Karan Johar will back Khan’s film with Atlee, according to Bollywood Hungama.

A source told the publication, “When Atlee met Shah Rukh Khan, he didn’t have a completed script in hand. He had the gist of the plot ready and he had written four powerful massy sequences. These were key scenes like Shah Rukh Khan’s entry, intermission point, climax etc. Shah Rukh, however, was in favour of a bound script before taking things forward. Hence, Atlee decided to get the screenplay in place first.”

Elaborating further on Johar’s Dharma Productions association with the film, the source added, “Atlee is currently working with the creative writing team of Dharma Productions to develop the screenplay. Atlee, KJo and SRK want to ensure that the script has trademark stamp of the director and at the same time, has the pan-India appeal.”

The source added, “The writing process will take some time. Shah Rukh Khan meanwhile will finish a film or two and only then he will be able to act in Atlee’s next. So it can be said that the film won’t take off before mid-2021. However, it’s a film that’s been seriously considered as it’ll be a win-win situation for all parties involved.”

The source also said, “Shah Rukh Khan hopes it’ll give him the blockbuster that has been eluding him since years. For Karan Johar, it will benefit as it’ll most probably be a Tamil-Hindi bi-lingual film. Hence, he hopes to recreate the magic of Baahubali and 2.0 if all goes well. Finally, Atlee also stands to gain as it’ll give him a foothold in Bollywood. A clearer picture hence should emerge in a few months.”