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Gaurav Gupta, CEO of Chimes Radio: “Our content help parents connect their kids to India”

Gaurav Gupta, the Founder and CEO of Chimes Radio spoke to recently about the success of the channel across various platforms. Chimes Radio is an audio service inspiring children with education and entertaining content in a no-screen format.

How did the concept of Chimes Radio come about?

As they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions; idea of Chimes Radio also came about from my personal life experiences. When I returned back to India from UK with my young family, I realized lot of the mainstream content that is available in India is not suitable for kids. At such an impressionable age, exposure to violent and mature content is not helpful and leads to decline in the value system of our society. So I decided to build this audio platform that offers educational and entertaining content without a dependency on digital screens, which is fast becoming another nemesis of our digital age.

The service already boasts of 30+ podcasts, tell us about these?

We are offering content in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Kannada right now and covering a wide range of genres like moral stories, mythology, science, history, jokes, riddles, yoga and current affairs, to name a few. Our aim is to provide meaningful and knowledgeable content that helps kids learn about India, Indian culture and raise their general awareness about the world and this vision is finding great resonance with parents. While we have been dominating the Kids & Family charts in India across all major streaming services, e.g. we had 8 out of Top-20 podcasts on Apple and 5 in Top-50 on Gaana, our content is also competing extremely well across wider podcast segments. We reached #3 on Apple and #7 on Spotify India All-podcasts charts too. Going forward, we have ambitious plans to further scale our content offering, including expanding to other regional languages.

Chimes Radio has fast become a popular platform in India but also seeing an upswing in downloads in international territories like the UK, tell us about this?

Our content help parents connect their kids to India and Indian culture and something like this cannot be bound by territorial limits. With Indian diaspora spread all over the world, and parents very keen to introduce their kids to their native Indian roots, we are getting great response from NRI community. Our podcasts are consistently ranking on various Podcast charts across UK, US, Canada, France and Australia too.

Our content help parents connect their kids to India and Indian culture and something like this cannot be bound by territorial limits. With Indian diaspora spread all over the world…

Are you planning to launch local content for countries like the UK?

Our content strategy is very Indian focused at this point of time but we do have plans to customize our offering for countries like UK and US by offering localization. This will be in terms of delivery in local accent and contextualizing using local examples.

Are there opportunities available for anyone who wishes to record a podcast for Chimes Radio?

Yes, certainly. In fact, we already have a few independent podcasters who have joined our podcast network owing to the credibility we have built in the kids’ genre and also for our technical and distribution capabilities. We are open to expanding our network further. So we request anyone who has any original podcast ideas that are suitable for kids and is looking for support to distribute and monetize their content, to do reach out to us through our website.