Divya Dutta all in praise of Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna

Shyama Sudra



With their recent film creating a huge impact amongst cinema goers, there is one actress who is extremely impressed with Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna’s efforts in raising awareness about women’s hygiene through their film ‘PadMan’ (2018).

Talking to the media, DNA India reports Dutta expressing, “The film has made a huge effort to throw light on the subject. Kudos to Akashay Kumar and Tina (Twinkle Khanna). People have been talking about the film and its message, and what Akshay Kumar is bringing to people matters. They take it seriously. Because it was a commercial film, it got attention. Usually we make films on taboo subjects, but those are made as documentaries.”

Understanding how much influence the film industry has in society, the actress explained how using the big screen is the best way to raise awareness about serious subjects. “We are a cinema-affected society and people are impacted by what is shown on screen. Art derives inspiration from society and vice versa. People I have met in smaller towns have been talking about ‘Pad Man’. It was taboo and uncomfortable for people to talk about, which piqued their interest and they went to see the film,” she went on to add.

With Kumar in the lead, ‘PadMan’ also stars Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor.