BizAsia ‘Bhoomi’ Special: 5 roles where Sanjay Dutt played role of a father


Sanjay Dutt has played many types of roles such as the terrifying villain Kancha in ‘Agneepath’ (2012), the good hearted Munna in ‘Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.’ (2003) and the wonderful gent in ‘Parineeta’ (2005) as well as other great roles.

Around the world Dutt’s fans are eagerly waiting for the release of ‘Bhoomi’, which also stars Aditi rao Hydari and seems to focus on the relationship between a father and daughter. will look at some of the films that have seen Dutt play the father to many stars.

‘Pitaah’ (2002)

Dutt received a lot of praise for his portrayal of a loving father who is forced to take matters into his own hands after being let down by the law.

It was a heartbreaking story of how a man who had been forced to bow down to the Thakurs all his life due to poverty, stands up to them after his daughter is mistreated by them.

Rudra (Dutt) and his wife Paro (Nandita Das) realise that no matter what they do the Thakurs will escape the hands of the law and will be freed. Rudra (Dutt) transforms from a coward into a vengeful father who won’t let his daughters criminals escape him. It was the first time that Dutt had done such a role but it is one that can be considered as one of his best roles.

‘Mission Kashmir’ (2000)

Set in Kashmir Dutt played a police officer who because of his duty ends up losing his own son. The doctors refuse to help him as they were warned by terrorists that whoever helps the police will face trouble. While fighting terrorists he comes across a child who in an attack loses his whole family. Feeling responsible for what happened Khan (Dutt) is reluctant to take the child in, in case things turn nasty later however his wife Neelima played by Sonali Kulkarni wishes to adopt him.

Hrithik Roshan played the role of Altaf who is adopted by Khan (Dutt) and begins to accept him and his wife as family. At the same time Khan (Dutt) also begins to see him like his own son. Though when Altaf (Roshan) realises that the man who has taken him in had a part in ruining his family he hates the man and wants revenge.

Dutt’s character in the film had a caring side but rarely displayed it. He was a strong minded man who loved his country and his family side by side. For this film Dutt won the Zee Cine Premier Choice Award – Male in 2001.

‘Dus’ (2005)

Dutt may not have played the role of a father in this film but the way he treats his younger brother and sister like his children is sweet. There is an emotional scene between Abhishek Bachchan and Dutt where Shashank (Bachchan) realises that in order to save the lives of others he will have to take his own life.

The final conversation between the two brothers consists of Shashank (Bachchan) telling Siddhanth (Dutt) that he likes it when he calls him beta which means son in Hindi and wishes that in the next life that he is born as his son. There was that respect between the two as a father and son would have. Out of fear Shashank (Bachchan) hid the fact that he smoked from his brother but before he says goodbye he reveals this fact.

Tathastu (2006)

One day when Ravi (Dutt) and Sarita’s (Ameesha Patel) son collapses while playing they rush him to the hospital where they find out that their son is dying. His only chance of surviving is to give him a heart transplant but the problem is that the operation would cost a lot of money and that is something that Ravi doesn’t have. Ravi (Dutt) tries asking for help from friends, his boss and other places but to no avail. After seeing the state of his wife he has no other choice but to do something he never imagined he would do.

Dutt’s character does something which maybe considered wrong but the audience sympathises with him due to the situation he is in. Also the things that Ravi (Dutt) does shows that when it comes to his child he is selfish but he won’t hurt anyone else to get what he wants. The film may not have done so well but Dutt’s acting was incredible.

‘Kidnap’ (2008)

When Sonia (Minissha Lambha) gets kidnapped her mother is put in an awkward situation when the kidnapper wants to speak to her husband. Her husband is the wealthy business man Vikranth Raina (Dutt) who after getting divorced from his wife moved to the US.

Coincidence or not Vikranth (Dutt) arrives in India after he learns that his business has suffered a loss and comes to investigate the matter. When his wife informs him of his daughters kidnapping he goes to her house where he finds out that the kidnapper doesn’t want money, but wants to play a dangerous game with him and the prize is Sonia (Lamba).

It was interesting to see Dutt in this thriller. His character went through many changes at one point he is arrogant and proud as he has so much wealth but then the next moment he is powerless and weak.

‘Bhoomi’ will be releasing on the 22nd September and we are excited to see what will be different about his role in this film compared to his past films. wishes Sanjay Dutt all the best for Bhoomi.

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