Gurdas Maan at 'Ishq Da Giddha' press conference
Gurdas Maan at 'Ishq Da Giddha' press conference

Gurdas Maan a man of such high calibre, yet so humble.

Full of vibrant energy at the Press Conference held in Birmingham, the legend, Maan managed to perform live on stage and make the whole hall buzz.

Like a magician he brought spectators and the media alive, jumping of their chairs to dance to his remarkable songs .

Giving us a few trailers of his new songs which he will sing at all his shows.

An extraordinary energy goes through your body when he is on stage, making you feel like you can conquer the world with this new found liveliness.

Pretty amazing for someone who had just flown into the UK that very night.

When asked by someone at the Press Conference in Birmingham for his Ishq da Giddha۪ Tour – Does he have a specific song that is dedicated to Manjeet Maan (his wife)? He replied with humility and said there is not one specific song but many, not just for her but also for everyone. He gives everyone equal preference to all that love him and his answer showed that he connects to all that connect to him.

A few people also mentioned to him that the song Apna Punjab۪ is becoming an NRI anthem for Punjabi۪s abroad to which he responded with his hands folded together and his head bowed before his audience.

Having had the opportunity to meet him and speak to him in Birmingham, he answered humbly to the questions asked.

A human being so in touch with his inner self, everything he says or does he references the higher power.

Forever giving thanks and gratitude to that one parmatma۪. His own successful career he says is purely due to how the one Lord had decided.

For an artist to truly acknowledge and believe that within his soul shows faith in God and all those around him.

Q. From all the songs you have written; please share with us your favourite or one that is closest to your heart?

Gurdas Maan: First he laughed and said that is like asking a mother who her favourite child is. He said there was no song that was a favourite as such but the one which is probably closest to his heart is Sajna ve Sajna۪.

Q. Is there any song written and sung by another Artist which you heard and thought to yourself I wish I had written that song?

Gurdas Maan: With humility he replied that if there was such a song that he was meant to write the parmatma۪ would have sent it his way.

Q. In what period were you pulled towards spiritually and to your Master?

Gurdas Maan: His first mulaqat with his Baba Sai from Nakodar was in 1990, which was brief. Then in 1995 he was pulled towards him again.

Report by Lucky Nijjar