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Birthday Love: Pooja Bhatt pairings we’d love to see again

From beginning her career as an actress to becoming a producer. This lady didn’t stop there, she eventually went on to directing films changing the way audiences experience cinema. It has been many years since we’ve seen her on the big screen but recently she surprised her fans when she appeared in the Netflix web series ‘Bombay Begums’ (2021). We are talking about none other than the exceptionally talented Pooja Bhatt who turns 50.

To celebrate the birthday of Bhatt, will look at ten actors we would love to see paired opposite her again!

Aamir Khan
Bhatt had worked with Aamir Khan in the romantic comedy ‘Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin’ in 1991. After that the two were never seen in a film together even though they looked quite good on screen. Bhatt played the role of a rich girl named Pooja who runs away from home to be with the one she loves. However on this journey she bumps into Raghu (Khan) who is a journalist on the look out for a story. Raghu decides to help Pooja reach her destination and in return will get his story. The real story begins when the two spend time together and gradually fall for one another. It was a musical hit and in terms of story it had been seen before but with Bhatt and Khan it was a fresh remake with these upcoming stars.

Rahul Roy
One thing that has to be said about this pairing is that their chemistry made them a huge hit amongst film lovers. Rahul Roy and Bhatt had worked in maybe three or four films together but it is because of their on screen presence that people can’t forget about their pairing. One of their biggest hits was ‘Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Ayee’ (1993) which was directed by her father Mahesh Bhatt. They were so lucky to have so many wonderful songs picturised on them and saying that they didn’t let us down with their performances. This is one pairing that audiences would definitely love to see again.

Shah Rukh Khan
A pairing that we were able to see once and never again. It was the first time that Shah Rukh Khan and Bhatt were cast in her father’s film ‘Chaahat’ (1996) which also starred the likes of Ramya Krishnan and Naseeruddin Shah. The film became a huge hit with its great music and amazing performances. Of course there may have been many who had doubts as to whether this pairing would work but it did. Khan’ s character Roop was innocent and in some ways playful. Pooja (Bhatt) was the decisive one but when she was in love she’d also become a child. It’s definitely one pairing many would have been happy to see again but who knows anything is possible in the world of cinema.

Atul Agnihotri
If there was another actor that Bhatt looked great with on screen it was with Atul Agnihotri. They starred in at least five films together with the first one being the 1993 hit film ‘Sir’. Their chemistry in their first film together was enough to convince directors to pair them again in further films. The last time they were cast in a film together was in the year 2009. While they both have taken a step back from acting their fans wait for the day they reunite in a film again.

Vivek Mushran
They were first cast in the romantic comedy ‘Prem Deewane’ (1992), in which they played the role of a young couple who were madly in love. Radha (Bhatt) was the daughter of a wealthy man who disapproved of Manohar (Vivek Mushran) as his status didn’t match theirs. However this didn’t dishearten the couple and they go on their way to make their dreams come true. It was a cute pairing that had both actors acting quite naively at times because they had no idea what the real world was like. They not only looked good together but their comedy timing was on point. Later that year they were seen again in ‘Saatwaan Aasman’. Though they appeared in few films together their pairing will forever be memorable.

Sanjay Dutt
‘Sadak’ (1991) was the romantic thriller that brought both Bhatt and Sanjay Dutt together. Looking back now the actors both seemed so young when they played such important roles in the film. Although a sequel was made and there was a lot of talk surrounding it, it was the original that managed to make waves around the world. The music is still popular today in fact many remakes have been made of the songs. Also the performances can’t be forgotten of all the actors that played a part in making this film a hit. Watching Dutt and Bhatt in this film one wonders why they never worked in more films together as they had nice chemistry.

Saif Ali Khan
‘Sanam Teri Kasam’ (2009) was the only film that saw Bhatt and Saif Ali Khan work together. It is said that the film faced quite a few issues which caused a delay in releasing it. However the songs were highly appreciated especially the ones picturised on Bhatt and Khan. Whether it was the delay in the film releasing that put them off or they just never got the opportunity to work together we will never know. This would have been another pairing that would have been interesting to see again.

Akshaye Khanna
Many loved ‘Border’ (1997) for its story, the songs and its iconic cast too. The pairing of Bhatt and Akshaye Khanna brought tears to many eyes especially the scene when Dharamveer (Khanna) tells Kammo (Bhatt) to forget about him and move on with her life if anything happens to him. It was a heartbreaking moment but within that scene we are able to see how well they both played their parts. Not only in this scene there are many other parts where one couldn’t keep their eyes off of them. They gave us comedy, romance and of course heartache. Anyone who watched this film would have wanted to see them in another film for sure.

Sharad Kapoor
In 1998 Bhatt produced and starred in the title role ‘Tamanna’. Her character was of a strong willed girl who did as she pleased. Sometimes this attitude of hers got her into a lot of trouble but if there was anyone who had her back it was her best friend Sajid (Sharad Kapoor). What made this pairing work was that while Bhatt’s character was hot headed, Kapoor’s character was quite laid back and very patient. He protected Tamanna whenever she would get into any difficult situation, he was her safety net. Again this is the only film the audience got to see them in so if they got the opportunity to work again they should definitely say yes.

Avinash Wadhawan
Bhatt and Avinash Wadhawan were seen together in the horror film ‘Junoon’ (1992). It is said the film did quite well at the box office as it was the first of its kind to be made. As for the pairing of Wadhawan and Bhatt it was a sweet one. The song waqt kate nahin kat ta hai had both characters expressing their feelings for one another without actually saying a thing. They showed pain, sadness and perhaps even regret through their expressions, it was a beautiful song. Whether these two actors would ever work again is a good question but if they did it would be worth the watch.

The team at wishes Pooja Bhatt a very happy birthday!