Ajay-Kajol are proof that opposites attract on ‘Koffee with Karan 6’


When the teaser came out to show Ajay Devgn sharing the ‘Koffee’ couch with wife Kajol, viewers would have known almost instantly that this was about to be one interesting insight into their bond of 19 years. And realistically, it was just that but a lot more too.

As Karan Johar says from the start, his relationship with his best friend Kajol went through a huge rough patch which he included a whole chapter on in his recent book. However, now that they have kissed and made up, they are stronger than ever. And so strong is their bond that he’s managed to get her and her husband on the ‘Koffee with Karan’ sixth season together – something which has just never happened before on any such talk show.

Once again, as with the Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor episode last week, Johar is quick to put things out there – accusing Ajay of just not being interested in getting to know how wife’s friends. He asked him outright why this was the case and Ajay manages to express that he’s just an introvert and that’s often perceived as being arrogant. Kajol is quick to highlight that she’d like to maintain a friendship with Johar as they have been and not have her husband suddenly involved in the situation. This is refreshing to say the least but one who has followed the couple for years know that they’re very comfortable being their own people with their own groups of friends without ever overlapping each other.

There on in, one can see why the two are attracted to each other – as they give a glimpse into their lives as a family unit, including their daughter and son. There are also revelations that Ajay sends his wife to collect any awards on his behalf because she enjoys doing such things. Johar also reveals that Kajol was right at home when attending his mother’s 75th birthday party to which Ajay agrees and says she’s also has great fun at children’s parties.

There was also a revelation that Ajay is the parent who is a little hyper and constantly wants to know where his daughter is going. He also waits patiently at home awake until she arrives back – no matter how late that might be, despite her having a curfew.

The rapid fire round was perhaps one of the most interesting with Kajol saying a 90s actor who would be most likely to throw tantrums is Saif Ali Khan. She also put in a mention about Shah Rukh Khan’s lateness. She said she’s always cordial with Karisma Kapoor whenever they meet and that if she was to start a WhatsApp group to get all the gossip of the industry, it would include Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan with Johar being the administrator.

Ajay’s answers, on the other hand, were pretty witty and the wittiest was when he said to Johar he believed in the winning streak of films that begin with K until he did ‘Kaal’. He also won laughter from Johar when he said one fake statement that often comes from actors is “I love my wife” to which Kajol gave him raised eyebrows.

The quiz round was interesting enough but not in comparison to previous guests. However, the questions that went completely over Kajol’s head were pretty funny to watch because similarly Ajay got them in a few seconds. He also called Kajol as his famous person that Johar asks a phonecall to be made to and she eventually let her husband win because she won the hamper.

Overall, this was a fun but real insight into the Devgns and what makes them tick. It’s refreshing to see two people who are different but are so comfortable with one another and don’t let their differences faze them.

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