9XM UK adds Punjabi music to library

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


9XM is set to stir the UK market by adding Brit-Asian and traditional Punjabi music to its output.

Starting today, viewers will be able to experience Punjabi music videos fused with its original Bollywood music content.

9XM UK will use the branding ‘Tashan Yaran Da’ on all its Punjabi music videos – similar to its Punjabi sister channel 9XM Tashan in India.

Punjabi music in the UK has been synonymous with Brit Asia TV, which it will now directly compete with. B4U Music and Zing are more Bollywood-savvy but have recently begun churning out more local music content.

9XM UK will work closely with major Brit-Asian record labels, with more being added in weeks to come.