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Sony MAX confirms telecast details of ‘Malang’

Sony MAX has confirmed the telecast details for the premiere of Mohit Suri’s hit thriller ‘Malang’.

The film stars Aditya Roy Kapoor, Disha Patani, Anil Kapur and Kunal Khemu. Aditya believes the World Television Premiere of Malang on Sony MAX will help the movie reach a wider audience. He shares, “The World Television Premiere of Malang on Sony MAX is great because it will help the film will reach a wider audience and all those who didn’t get a chance to watch it in the theatres or digitally will get a chance to watch in their homes. My only message for the fans will be to just watch the film. Especially all those who haven’t seen it, please do watch and for those who already have, watch it again!”

Ahead of the World Television Premiere of Malang on Sony MAX, Aditya shared an interesting anecdote. He told, “I’ve very fond memories of filming Malang as the film is set in Goa and it’s a place where I enjoy going to, we had a blast shooting there. Shooting the action scenes were memorable too.” Aditya adds, “It was cool to look at myself being a rebel on the big screen after all the hard work. Preparing for the character was interesting because I was playing him in two different times in his life, before and after certain events that take place. There was a marked change in the character from the past to the present and for some of the younger portions, I had to tap into my teenage years and that was a fun journey. I have spent a lot of time in Goa in my carefree teenage days, so I went there a week or so before the shoot to revisit all the places that I used to go to get a feel of what life was like back then.”

“The other portion had another physicality to it and I needed to kind of toughen up and bulk up on the outside, apart from obviously trying to understand what a person goes through who has faced such traumatic events, jail time etc. Overall it was a very rewarding journey”, mentioned Aditya.

The movie encapsulates a super-cute love story between Advait (Aditya Roy Kapur) and Sara (Disha Patani) who meet in Goa and fall in love with each other. Their lives, however, take a drastic turn due to evil intentions of a few. The film will keep you on the edge of the seat with some thrilling action sequences and mind-boggling revelations as the story unfolds.

‘Malang’ will premiere on Sunday 26th July at 12:00 (India) and Saturday 1st August at 20:00 (UK).