Shilpa Shetty Kundra opens up about rivalry with sister Shamita Shetty


They have always been shown to be as close as ever however, Shilpa Shetty Kundra recently revealed that her and younger sister Shamita Shetty weren’t always the best of friends.

“My dad told me that I did feel a little left out in the first year. Shamita was fairer, I had dark complexion so I was going through an insecurity phase in my life. I used to ask my mom, ‘why did you make her fair and why did you made me dark?’ At night when she would be sleeping, apparently I would go and pinch her and make her cry,” Pinkvilla reports the actress stating.

She went on to add, “I always felt she’s the better looking sister, the fairer one. She’s a better actress and a dancer. So I’ll admit this for the first time on this show that when she debuted, I did feel that nobody would give me work anymore after that.”

Talking about when they were children, Shetty Kundra also revealed how much they used to fight, “We used to fight a lot when we were kids. There was a time I have locked Shamita inside daddy’s cupboard. Then, when she came out, she was mata chandalini (laughs). Then we have had huge fights. She and I have fought, I have thrown a sun mica piece at her and there’s a cut on her face.”

Well as ever, the Shetty Kundra sisters sound a lot like many other siblings, and despite their past growing up has definitely made their heart grow fonder.

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