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Ridhi Dogra & Raqesh Bapat remain cordial post separation

News of Ridhi Dogra and Raqesh Bapat’s split will have disheartened many but the ex-couple are determined to remain dignified and respectful towards one another even though they are not together anymore’

Dogra explained how she manages to keep it this way, speaking to Pinkvilla, “I think it is very simple. I think everyone has their differences. But you know life is very long and when you get a perspective, which we all have, but we miss it when we go about our daily lives. This day, this moment is a speck in this very very big life. When you get that perspective, you are able to let go and move on and cherish the goodness”.

She went on to add, “If I degrade or take away the grace and dignity from the relationship, then I am saying that the seven years we spent together were rubbish which is not true. I have grown up as a person, there is a lot that I am grateful for towards Raq and it is always going to be like that. We tell each other’s family that we will always be family”.

Dogra was last seen in ‘Asur’, a web-series on Voot Select.