Rajeev Siddhartha: “Quality content is always what keeps me alive as an actor…”


While so many movies, films and TV projects remain stalled, the online platforms seem to be thriving while people are at home to reduce the spread the pandemic. As such, Rajeev Siddhartha has already been seen in no less than three online shows so far this year. The actor has interesting roles in each one, often creating an impact even in supporting roles.

BizAsiaLive.com caught up with the actor ahead of his forthcoming projects.

Congrats on ‘Marzi’, ‘Four More Shots Please!’ season two and ‘Hundred’; all web-series’ which have arrived in 2020. It seems to be a busy year for you. Was this the plan?
Thank you so much! I feel blessed to have done such diverse genres and characters. The fact that they have released one after the other was definitely not part of the plan. I knew they were supposed to release this year, but through a happy coincidence they released in succession which allowed me to reach a wider audience.

You’ve been seen in such a wide variety of roles during your theatre and film stints but many will most recently identify you as a familiar face for the OTT platform arena. Do you enjoy any particular medium a bit more than the other?
To me all mediums provide the same joy creatively. Be it on stage or on a set be it a film or web series set provides me the same level of peace. Besides, acting has to be honest be it in whichever medium.

Of all the characters you’ve played, is there a particular one that’s more like the real you or that you feel is closest to your heart?
There is something in all the characters I have played that I could identify with, be it the simplicity of Mihir, the work ethic of Shantanu or the ambition of a Veer Diwan. It’s the parts in these characters are not like me I like to figure those things out and so often you through the characters one discovers things about themselves and tries to imbibe them in life if it’s for the greater good.

How would you describe the hunger you feel for acting and content?
I have tremendous passion towards acting and work at it even when not working. There is no limit to honing one’s skills and bringing about the best in your craft. And quality content is always what keeps me alive as an actor because playing interesting and diverse parts is so much more fulfilling than catering to a type.

As you started off in theatre, do you feel this has given you a grounding which you may not have had otherwise?
Theatre provided me with the tools and skills required to be an actor. It was my training ground and it still is – I continue to do theatre and it gives me tremendous joy. It has provided me a process and tremendously helped my confidence as an actor

Do you often have to work on getting into the skin of a character?
I like to work on every character I play. Every character is a unique individual and it makes sense that their behaviours and their personality will be different from each other. Reading the script, getting clues from it, using ones imagination and lots of other things can be used to create a character. I like the process.

You’ve worked with so many well-known actors. Are there any particular actors you loved working with so much that you’d like to do so again?
All of them actually have played a part in my journey as an actor – but I guess Arshad Warsi would be one. I played a small but crucial role in ‘Jolly LLB’ and during the success party of the film he came to me and was very generous with his words and said something along the lines of keep at it.. you’ve got something which very few actors have. Now for an actor starting out and in the initial part of the journey such words of encouragement and that too from an excellent actor like him meant the world and helped tremendously.

How do you go about picking the characters you want to play when you have offers coming your way?
For me the entire film / web series is important. The script has to be solid, a good director and if my character has an interesting arc and grows over the course of the story.

You’ve been a part of small-town stories and ones with an international feel. Do you enjoy the variety? And why?
I want to play diverse characters and be part of diverse genres and universes. That’s what makes it so fresh. It helps you relate to life in various levels and one lives many different types of stories. If I was stuck in one particular universe then the joy may have been lost.

What have you been upto during this lockdown?
Introspection. Watching films. Reading and getting to know myself better.

What else can we look forward to seeing from you this year?
There is a huge web series with Prakash Jha as the director and another feature film. Excellent experiences both.

BizAsiaLive.com thank the actor for talking to us.

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