Mumbai Police closes Subhash Ghai’s sexual harrassment case


Mumbai Police has cleared Subhash Ghai of the sexual harrassment charges filed by Kate Sharma.

Sharma had accused Ghai of molesting her in a formal complaint. Frustrated with the process, she later withdrew the complaint as it was causing undue stress to her mother’s health. Mumbai Police closed the investigation, stating that “Since no substance was found in the allegations made by the complainant the matter has been closed.”, Deccan Chronicle reported. Ghai was also anonymously accused of drugging and raping a woman, but the case was never pursued legally.

A close friend of the director shared his opinion on the matter, saying that “Subhash has suffered a lot in the last month when the allegation against him hit home. Many of his friends chose to distance themselves from him. His wife and daughter were shocked, humiliated and refused to step out of the house. Though his name has been cleared, it will take a long time for the tarnished reputation to restore.”

Ashoke Pandit, chief advisor of the Federation Of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) called for a harsh penalty for false accusations, “If the complaint is proved false, then I feel that the complainant should be punished for destroying the image of somebody who has a position and standing in the society,” adding that, “The trauma Mr Ghai and his family underwent during this period is horrific. Playing with somebody’s respect and dignity should not be allowed. I also fear that the real victims will suffer because of such false complainants.” Ghai’s case was closed based on the evidence present, which excluded a detailed statement from Sharma as she withdrew the case before submitting it.

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