Bushra Ansari opens up about her divorce


Bushra Ansari separated from her husband Iqbal Ansari in 2015, but it has taken her five years to finally have an open discussion about the situation.

As a guest on ‘Bol Nights’ Ansari told Ahsan Khan, “Our clan—that includes my friends Rubina Ashraf, Samina Ahmed, Saba Hameed and even Uzma Gillani—had a good image and spent a fulfilling ‘family life’ with our children while being in showbiz, especially during our PTV days. So we have a drawing of a good family life, which is in front of everyone. But when there is a disturbance in that, and since I’m not the sort of who blames people and gets angry, I feel people get very perturbed about such things.”, adding that, “In truth, people don’t know what the actual problems are between couples. And it’s not that only actors go through such things, even bankers and doctors go through similar cases, male or female. So I felt when it came to such a personal issue, there was no need to share it with the entire nation.”

Ansari also chose not to share the news because of how it may affect her fans, “The problem with being a celebrity is that like all our success, our problems become larger than life as well. So much that they become the success or failures of those who idealize us.”

The former couple married in 1978 and have two daughters.

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  1. It is not surprise to hear that bushra ansari separated from her spouse five years back? Because her dramas from TAAKE ki shaadi or Doli ki aagi baraat and her openess with javed sheikh rather love affair in presence of her husband in drama? Shows all that No husband can tolerate this kind of things….? Her dresses ?? Tell all stories. Nothing surprise, her husband is noble person and sharref Admi

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