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Birthday Love: Sajal Ali & her leading men

This actress started appearing in dramas from quite a young age and over time has managed to make herself a success in the Television industry. Not only in Pakistan but also in India she has a huge fan following, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she is very much loved around the world. Her work in the last five years has proved that she knows her craft and while some may feel she has achieved a lot in this time, she aims to show that there is still a lot more in store for her fans.

Sajal Ali is a shining star who continues to wow the critics and her fans with every new project she does. On her birthday, will take a look at some of the actors she has worked with over the years.

Ahad Raza Mir
Her hero on and off screen, Ahad Raza Mir is not only Ali’s co star but also her husband. Fans fell in love with this pairing when they first worked together in the 2018 drama ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’. The names Dr Zubia (Ali) and Dr Asfandyar (Mir) became a household name with everyone talking about this couple. With this a new hashtag was created ‘Sahad’ mixing their names together which without fail was used every time this couple was mentioned online.

After that they appeared in the period drama ‘Aangan’ (2018) which focused on the partition, politics and of course love. Chammi (Ali) was a naive girl filled with dreams. She spoke poetry and tried to impress the man she loved Jameel (Mir). Jameel himself was a poet and also had matters in politics unfortunately his feelings weren’t mutual. A year later they worked together in the much talked about drama ‘Yeh Dil Mera’ (2019) which had both their fans and the critics talking because of the various topics featured in the drama.

Be it a drama or an advertisement Sahad’s fans are always excited to see the couple together because they have such amazing chemistry in reel life and real life.

Bilal Abbas Khan
Ali and Bilal Abbas Khan appeared in the drama ‘O Rangreza’ (2017) together for the first time. His character Qasim was quiet, sensible and boring according to Sassi (Ali). While Sassi was bubbly, colourful and full of life. Many fell in love with her portrayal of Sassi the rebel who did as she felt and said what she wanted without a care for anyone’s feelings. Qasim on the other hand had a soft corner for Sassi but for her he was only a shoulder to lean on, a friend who she shared her feelings with.

Ali and Khan’s characters were the opposite of one another with one who would not dare to question the decisions of the elders around him, Sassi however would not bow down so easily. Both did justice to their roles and received both nominations as well as awards for their roles. So far nothing has been said about the two working again but if another good project was to appear who knows we may be lucky enough to see them again.

Hamza Ali Abbasi
Both Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ali are classed as some of the most talented actors in Pakistani Television. So when the news spread of the two to star in a drama together many wondered how they will look on screen and whether their jodi would work. Every question was answered once the 2019 drama ‘Alif’ was aired and boy were their fans happy. The drama based on spirituality won the hearts of many, the story was unlike anything shown before in Pakistan. Qalb E Mohmin’s (Abbasi) journey of finding himself and exploring his own relationship with the almighty was one that gripped the audience. Not only was Abbasi praised for his role but also Ali was highly praised for her powerful performance of Momina Sultan, a struggling actress who is trying to support her family whilst trying to maintain her belief in the almighty.

There were many intense scenes between Abbasi and Ali in which at times the audience were left feeling emotional. No doubt their fans would most definitely be happy to see both work together in another project.

Imran Abbas
In 2018 Ali and Imran Abbas came together in the drama ‘Noor Ul Ain’ which received mix reviews. Noor Ul Ain (Ali) and Khizer (Abbas) meet for the first time after they get into a car accident. After this awkward meeting they continue to meet in some way or the other. While Noor is reluctant to talk to Khizer he does all he can to meet her. Gradually with time they fall for one another however all isn’t easy on the path of love especially when Khizer’s mother doesn’t approve of Noor. Besides this drama the two have also appeared together in an advert as well as doing various photo shoots.

Osman Khalid Butt
Osman Khalid Butt and Ali were seen together in the drama ‘Alif’ (2019) in which they played the role of lovers who were both from different backgrounds. Ali’s character Momina was a struggling actress which Faisal’s (Butt) mother didn’t approve of. This caused a lot of problems for the two of them with them questioning their relationship.

Although Butt’s role was small his fans were very much excited to see him appear with Ali in the drama. In an interview he expressed that he would like to work with Ali in another drama because he only had a cameo role in ‘Alif’ (2019). Many watching the drama wanted to see more of them as they only had a few scenes together. Perhaps Butt’s wish may come true in the future and we may see the two in another drama opposite one another.

The team at wishes Sajal Ali a very happy birthday and all the best for her upcoming project, Shekhar Kapur’s ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’.