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Anil Kapoor was conscious about his height?

Anil Kapoor - Dil Dhadakne Do 340x

Anil Kapoor has taken the western world by storm and he continues to work in both the US and Bollywood. However, recently on a chat show, Kapoor revealed his apprehensions about his height when he was younger.

Absolute India report Kapoor saying, “I was very short and my brother Boney was very tall ��� and I was very conscious so the first thing I did was look into the mirror and say ��Why has God made me so short?�۪ and then all the cupboards and everything with wood in the house had marks where I tried to see how tall I had become. That�۪s the time it started with eight, then it went on to the face and then hair then obviously I fell in love with the mirror”.

Talking further about his childhood, the actor went on to say, “I remember from school in my class, people would call me an entertainer, a joker, a savage. For me, my idea was to entertain- looking in the mirror also is somewhere I was entertaining myself.”

Kapoor was seen earlier this year in ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ which saw him playing the role of a father for the first to grown up children.

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