Akshay Kumar on ‘Laxmii’: “Not many critics have liked it. I do understand it”

BizAsia Correspondent



After a disappointing response to his latest release ‘Laxmii’, Akshay Kumar has acknowledged that critics have rejected the film.

The horror-comedy, which skipped a theatrical release and jumped directly to digital streaming giant, Hotstar, has received a lukewarm response from fans. Talking about the film, Kumar said, “Farak toh padta hai (there is a difference). Cinema on the big screen? a big screen is a big screen, and an outing is an outing. Watching a movie at home on TV or mobile doesn’t have the same charm as watching the movie on a big screen.”

“Watching cinema on a big screen has a charm of its own. Just like when you take this interview on the phone or virtually, it is not as much fun as it had been if it was face to face. It is the same for us,” he added.

He further stated, “Not many critics have liked it. I do understand it. The original one also got one or one and a half stars. But the business was very good. Nevertheless, to each his own. Every critic has their own right to write what they feel. I made it, it is a very ‘massy’ film. So, obviously, there will be different points of views.”

“The most important thing is the streaming platform that released the movie are very happy. That is one of the most important things,” Kumar signed off.