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Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Ramayana’ costliest Hindi film ever with budget of Rs. 835 crore?

Ranbir Kapoor’s highly anticipated mythological venture, ‘Ramayana’ is poised to make history as the costliest production ever in the Hindi film industry, with a staggering budget of Rs 835 crore.

A source close to the production revealed to Bollywood Hungama, “Ramayana is not just a film but an emotion, and the makers are leaving no stone unturned to make it a global spectacle.” Producer Namit Malhotra is reportedly committed to transforming the epic saga into a cinematic marvel that transcends borders.

The ambitious project, which features Ranbir Kapoor in the iconic role of Lord Ram, aims to captivate audiences with its grandeur and scale. With 600 days earmarked for post-production work alone, the film promises to deliver unparalleled visual splendor, setting new benchmarks for Indian cinema on the global stage.

Speaking about the investment required to bring ‘Ramayana’ to life, the source emphasized the production’s commitment to pushing boundaries and elevating Indian cinema to unprecedented heights. “The idea is to take Indian Cinema to a global level,” they added.

As anticipation mounts for the cinematic retelling of this timeless epic, fans eagerly await further updates on ‘Ramayana’ and its journey towards becoming a monumental landmark in Bollywood history.