ZEE TV UK to air &TV’s Christian based fiction ‘Yeshu’


ZEE TV UK has confirmed the launch of ‘Yeshu’, a Christian religious based fiction, helmed by Arvind Babbal Productions Pvt Ltd.

With &TV not available in the UK market, ZEE TV UK will broadcast ‘Yeshu’ from Monday 4th January at 16:30 and 22:30 (UK). The show revolves around an exceptionally benevolent child who only wants to do good and spread happiness all around him. His love and compassion for all is a stark contrast to the dark, evil forces prevalent during his birth and childhood. Witnessing the various atrocities on his family and in society has a deep impact on him.

It stars Aarya Dharamchand as Yeshu’s father, Joseph, while Sonali Nikam will play Mary and child artist Vivaan Shah will be seen as Yeshu.

Talking about the responsibility of playing Joseph, Dharmchand said, “I am excited to be a part of this show. I have essayed varied characters throughout my career, but this one surely stands out. Joseph is a good-hearted man who is generous and loyal. He takes his responsibilities very seriously and has the strength to take on the hardest of tasks. Joseph is immensely protective of his family, especially Mary and Yeshu. Though he faces many challenges in his life, he never blames anyone for his miseries and faces them boldly.”

Sonali Nikam said, “The character of Mary is undoubtedly one of the best and most significant roles of my career. The story narrates the beautiful relationship between Yeshu and his mother, who as his support and guide, nurtures him to his life purpose. Often described as a gentle mother, Mary is a brave woman who has immense faith and a strong belief in God. She is a pure and a selfless soul, and immensely protective of her son. She knows that her son has taken birth for a higher purpose yet never complains about the difficulties that she and her family face. She is the first teacher of Yeshu as well as his first disciple.”

Arvind Babbal, Producer and Series Director, Arvind Babbal Productions Pvt. Ltd., said, “The ongoing pandemic has impacted everyone’s lives, leaving them distressed and helpless. Through Yeshu, our attempt is to spread compassion, happiness, and positivity in the minds of our viewers. The show will be an audience delight with a never-seen-before storyline presented for the first time on a Hindi GEC on &TV, with a gripping narrative and a prominent cast. It gives out a message of hope, selflessness, empathy, love, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, and kindness. These are all important human virtues. The show will highlight these important aspects of humanity and, lead people to the right path through the life story of a young, kind-hearted, and benevolent boy named Yeshu. The story has good potential to win hearts as it brings alive a fresh concept with a relatable narrative for viewers of all age groups and ethnicities. I am confident viewers will be receptive to the show and I carry immense pride to present a show like Yeshu along with &TV in front of a very eager audience.”

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