ZEE viewers’ may have noticed a slight improvement in

picture and sound quality on flagship channel ZEE TV


The reason behind this is that ZEE TV has changed

transponder on Sky Digital which previously was on its

own on a separate transponder from sister stations ZEE

Music and ZEE Cinema.

The channel now shares its transponder with its family

channels and will experience the high quality

experienced with ZEE Music and ZEE Cinema. ZEE TV can

now be found under the same frequency at 11.973 V.

There had been high speculation that the label “znew”

(at the 11.973 V frequency) could be that of ZEE News

but those rumours can now be put to rest because the

label had been reserved for the new look ZEE TV.

There are currently no plans for a UK launch of ZEE

News. ZEE TV can be viewed normally on EPG 808 and this

change will not effect your ZEE viewing.