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Yo Yo Honey Singh on his biopic: “I’m not ready for that yet”

Yo Yo Honey Singh is back to maintain his iconic status in the Hindi music industry, but the rapper believes he has much farther to go before someone immortalizes his life story in a biopic.

Singh shared that the ups and downs in his life such as his battle with bipolar disorder, have made him a compelling subject for a lot of filmmakers, “A lot of people have warmed up to me. There have been many calls from production houses that want to work with me to tell my story, and produce my biopic. I have had two proposals from international [production houses]. But, I’m not ready for that yet. I have a lot to achieve, and the rest of my story is left. I will make a film when that’s complete”, Mid-Day reported.

Singh has recently released a new single ‘LOCA’, and has more music in store. “I was undergoing treatment at home for two years, during which I wrote some songs. I am releasing them slowly, and there will be new music coming out soon, as well. I believe there is a good reason for me to have taken ill, and I am happy when I look back [at what I’ve been through].”, he said.