Vivian Dsena on ‘Sirf Tum’ being compared to ‘Kabir Singh’

Ketna Mistry



After being away from our TV screens for a short period, Vivian Dsena is back with his new show ‘Sirf Tum’ on Colors TV, but some critics have compared the drama to Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Kabir Singh’ (2019).

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Dsena disagrees with the comparison and shares that this is certainly not the case, “See comparisons will always be there about A, B or C or anything you make, because eventually every story on every platform today is only around a few people. So all the stories have a similar backdrop but people draw a conclusion that since it’s about medical, and this guy looks like an angry guy – it is Kabir Singh. But it’s definitely not Kabir Singh, it’s based on a medical college, and there are characteristics which would match with any kind of hero in today’s time. But he (his Sirf Tum character) is different, his way of approaching a relationship is different, he has a lot of respect for women, and deals with things in a very different and a more practical manner. He is a guy who will come across as impulsive and wrong maybe in the first impression, but eventually his intentions and the outcome of his doings will be absolutely right.”

Dsena will be seen playing the role of Ranveer Chopra who is not like any of the characters he has played in the past. The ‘Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’ actor explains why he chose to sign for the show, “I think the most important part that got me excited was that it’s the backdrop of a college. Since I started my career at a very early age I didn’t go to a college or any kind of institution further than 10 plus 2. This is a perception that people have about me that I have done some post-graduation or something, but I started my career at 18 so I didn’t have the time to do anything.”

“So keeping that in mind, I wanted to do a show which had the backdrop of a college, and most importantly I was told that I will be an athlete. So that’s enough to get me excited for a new character. It is something on the lines of a medical college, and this is one stream which I have never gone for earlier,” he added.

Eisha Singh also stars in the drama as Suhani Chattopadhyay and will play Chopra’s love interest.