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TV actors support PM Modi’s request to light candles on Sunday

India Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has encouraged citizens to shut off all electricity in their houses this Sunday night and light candles and diyas. Here is what popular TV actors have to say about this initiative.

Vijayendra Kumeria: Well, it is a way of appreciating yourself and others who have complied with the lockdown for one’s own safety and the safety of other fellow citizens. I see this as a way of conserving energy as well. I am curious to see how many people will do this.

Shweta Rohira: Light is the biggest sign of positivity and it gives a ray of hope that we all are looking out for in this time of darkness. This beautiful viewpoint that Modi Ji has had is a great initiative to get all of us unified together and send positive vibrations in the universe for hope and light. I am so looking forward to this positive energy that we will create together on Sunday.

Vikas Sethi: It’s a wonderful thing, like this everybody will connect with positive energy. The whole country will do the same thing and the entire nation will be on one page. I will be doing it for sure.

Amrita Prakash: I thought the PM’s directive to ask all of us to clap or make some noise together was a good idea to reinforce solidarity in this time of isolation. I participated in it. In fact, the resonance from every house made me tear up. I am an actor and I believe in the power of expression. However, I do think along with these displays of expression, we need more action-based ways to show appreciation. While the government has done a fantastic job of containing the virus in a country in which the demographic changes every few hundred kilometres, a lot still needs to be addressed. I was hoping the PM’s address would be more action-oriented on this occasion.

Amal Sehrawat: It’s another step to realize that in this tough time of COVID 19, the entire nation is together. That is what this initiative reflects and I am all for it.

Rohitashv Gour: The initiative taken by our Prime Minister of India to encourage our Indian citizens at Sunday 9 pm for nine-minutes is amazing. It talks about our fighting spirit and is a great step. It is said that if we throw positive energy in the universe, then we will get back the same positivity from the universe.

Kunal Thakur: I am definitely going to be doing this and am encouraging a lot of other citizens too to follow it. I will shut off the electricity and would light up a lot of diyas in the house so that there should not be a shortage of positivity and brightness.

Arjun Bijalni: Well, if India follows this then it will be a great thing. It will help in different ways. Firstly, a lot of electricity will be saved for nine minutes and I am sure that it will go into crores and that money is much-needed right now for the benefit of people. Apart from that, it will boost the morale of so many people and seeing visuals like that would be a great thing. It will also create a hope that we are in this together.

Parull Chaudhry: I think it’s great that our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji is encouraging citizens in different ways, as he did before with the clapping at 5 pm for 5 minutes. It brought a sense of togetherness in people because everybody came out at the same and started clapping. This time also, he is trying to highlight exactly the same thing. He is bringing all of us together to fight.

Mrunal Jain: I will light deeyas with my mother Vidya. Her positivity is infectious. She supports all Modiji’s initiatives. I do believe in the power of positive vibrations. I support his vision totally.