The Sikh Channel pledges for money

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


The Sikh Channel has temporarily turned off its regular programming in an effort to raise money to fund the channel and keep it on-air.

Since the early hours this morning, the channel has been running a pledge directing viewers to donate �1.00 per week to keep the channel on-air.

The Sikh Channel, which launched on Sky Digital in April this year has been broadcasting free-to-air thusfar but has been finding the sustainability difficult due to high operational costs.

In the on-screen scroll, the channel says, “Many Sikhs have contributed, however most have not. We need all Sikh families who wish to ensure the world’s first Sikh faith channel continues broadcast to set up a direct debit.”

At the time of filing this article, the channel had set-up around 400 Direct Debits but it has the uphill task of reaching its target of 10,000 �1.00 per week direct debits.

The on-screen scroll also mentions that it requires �50,000 per month to meet transmission costs. In July, the channel received just a third of this – around �13,000.

The Sikh Channel is expected to return later tonight, if not then tomorrow, depending on how much it has raised so far.