The AT Word: Open letter to Sushant’s well-wishers on ‘Dil Bechara’ day

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Dear All,

It’s ‘Dil Bechara’ day. I myself can’t quite believe that this day is here. It’s, quite frankly, crept up on us much sooner than I’d hoped. Why do I feel this way? Because I personally don’t feel that a month and 10 days is enough time to process that this is the last time we’ll be seeing Sushant Singh Rajput in something new. This is the last time he’ll be gracing our screens. This is the last time… The very last time.

After the first trailer of ‘Dil Bechara’ released, I have to admit I have been seeing the outpouring of love for it from well-known names and others and it did unsettle me a little but it also made me smile. It feels like everyone’s on Sushant Singh Rajput’s side for his swansong and that is undoubtedly a very heart-warming feeling. The fans, the well-wishers, his co-stars, the others in the industry… everyone. However, the feeling that this film would not have gotten this much love or attention if Sushant was still with us is something I know I’m finding difficult to deal with – like many others. It is too little, way too late. This film would have been inevitably ripped apart, his performance probably rendered as “mediocre” and the rumours surrounding those associated with it may have been louder during the film’s promotions. I can almost feel all of this without it even happening.

As all of these thoughts might encompass all or some of our minds, it’s important that we watch this film with the intention it’s being brought to us. It’s a remake of a very well-received Hollywood film based on a successful book which is full of emotion, romance, fun and life lessons. It’s about the beauty of youth and feeling love for the first time. It’s also about facing death so early in life and the fear that comes along with it. It’s ironic to say the very least but that’s exactly what we should ensure makes it very special. That the loss of Sushant means that this film will live on more than any other film of his, in so many ways. That it will take a journey of its own. That it will make us appreciate the supremely talented actor he was, the brightness he brought to the screen and that we should never let that spark fade.

My request to any well-wisher of Sushant’s, on the day of the release of his final film, is very simple. Please drown out the background noise for this one. Be in the moment when you watch it. Cherish each and every expression, all the dance moves, the hearty laughs, the moments of romance, the tear-jerker scenes, the lively comedy… of Manny. And remember that, although he’s just a character, he portrays the special moments of a film that is Sushant’s “one last time”. Don’t hold back your tears because you know how much cinema will miss him, don’t forget to laugh in the moments that he makes you laugh and don’t overthink it. Enjoy each part of ‘Dil Bechara’ and watch it over and over again, as you wish. Let the emotions take you, one by one, and don’t let yourself falter. It’s upto us to honour his memory and give him our undivided attention one final time.

Try not to let the feelings, the circumstances or the sadness surrounding this film overwhelm you this one time. Be present in each one of these lasts for this finale. And I promise you he’ll shine bright for each and every one of us who believes that life doesn’t need to be perfect to love it. That’s the ultimate meaning of the film.

Stay strong & cherish it all.
Shayad… another 24th July will ever be quite this special.

Much love,
AT x


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