Star Plus announces new mythological show ‘Chiranjeevi Hanuman’

Johar Deep



Star Plus has been known to deliver intriguing and interesting content to its viewers, that makes one go through a plethora of emotions through its highly engaging shows. The channel has an amazing lineup of shows which aim to not just entertain, but also empower.

Continuing the journey, Star Plus has once again ventured back into history and brought to their audience the most iconic epic saga, ‘Chiranjeevi Hanuman: Ram Bhakti Rudra Shakti’. The historic show’s extravaganza and magnificence will soon be experienced by the audience. The epic tale depicts Ram’s quest to rescue Sita from the clutches of Ravana with the help of the mighty Hanuman, with the show highlighting the journey of Lord Hanuman. It is a timeless drama that will help the viewers reminisce about the magnificence of the characters and the story. With its epic storytelling and fresh perspective, the show ‘Chiranjeevi Hanuman: Ram Bhakti Rudra Shakti’ will surely leave imprints of the characters in the audience’s hearts!