Sony Entertainment Television Asia will broadcast the first World Food Awards taking place in London this Saturday.

The World Food Awards 2009 is a new, national awards ceremony to recognise the best operators in the world food sector in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Sony TV will also be co-organising the inaugural ceremony.

Rajan Singh, Executive Vice President International Business, Sony TV said; “We are thrilled to be working with the World Food Association to be a part of the first annual World Food Awards.

“The UK is one of the world۪s most multi-cultural countries and the food industry has made enormous strides to reflect this. From ethnic foods being stocked in supermarkets to renowned chefs experimenting with different ingredients giving dishes an international twist it۪s a very exciting time to be in the food sector and we are eager to support and encourage this through the World Food Awards.”

The awards ceremony will be broadcast on Sony TV in November.