Siddhant Chaturvedi on ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’: “It’s like magic. People don’t know what I’ll be pulling out of a hat”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Yash Raj Films’ ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’ promises a fun and interesting ride into the world of different identities and cheating. With the promos and the songs showing what’s to expect, it’s worth noting that Siddhant Chaturvedi is in his first lead role in the film, which alone gives at least one thing to be excited about. caught up with the actor ahead of the film’s release.

What was the biggest attraction for you signing ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’?
It was the billa. Bunty aur Babli ke billa jo hote hai, heart bana hota hai aur teer jaata hai wahaan pe. I think that’s what attracted me the most because it’s so iconic. The second thing was that the world where the films is in is in Uttar Pradesh and I am from UP so I said, yaar yeh to karna hi hai. The third thing was Yash Raj Films. I’ve always dreamt of being a Yash Raj hero. It’s my second film and Yash Raj is presenting me to the world as a leading man. I couldn’t have asked for anything else.

Did you have a preconception of working with Rani Mukerji & Saif Ali Khan? If yes, did they live upto it?
Well I’m a huge fan of their work and their chemistry. When I first found out that they would be pitted against us, I thought yeh chemistry kaise karenge? Sharvari and I were really worried, yeh takkar kaise denge. We are fans of theirs. There was no preconception, aisa kuch nahin tha. I know Saif sir is cool and witty and Rani ma’am is really sweet. The way they let us share the screen with them, it’s a real honour for me.

Your chemistry with Sharvari is working well, judging by the promos. She is marking her big screen debut with ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’. How would you describe your working relationship to be?
We’ve known each other since our auditioning and struggling days. She knows me and I know her. We’re always there for each other, no matter what. There were times she didn’t get a scene and there were times I didn’t get a scene and she would sit with me and worked through it until we got it. She was always there. I think that’s something that has worked in our favour for our chemistry. We could trust each other and it was not a new guy and a new girl. We knew it was important for us – me as a leading man and her as her debut. Our friendship was so strong. She’s tom-boy-ish so basically a bro (laughs). There was romance and there was also bromance which was so strong and I’m glad that people are liking us.

Your first film, ‘Gully Boy’ (2019), was a big success. Were you more excited or nervous stepping into this film?
No, not at all. My first film was just a glimpse of what I can do. With this one, it’s me in a playground and I’m ready to play. There are so many characters I have to make believable and I thoroughly enjoyed making each and every one of them my own. I love comedy films and I’m a huge fan of Govinda sir. So I get to do that. I am also a fan of Shah Rukh sir so when I had a romantic track, I did that. I’m good dancer – that’s where it all started. And I get to dance with Saif sir and Rani ma’am so it’s just the start. So, in this, I’m right in the middle of it. This is where I begin.

What can the audiences expect from your character?
They can expect surprise. I think that’s one element because people don’t know of me other than MC Sher and some interviews. Here, the audience will see me talking in different languages, different lingos, accents. I think surprise is something people will get to see a lot. They’ll be surprised. I don’t think people think I could dance or that I could do comedy. Everybody thought I was this Alpha, angry young guy – like MC Sher. But, no, I think I’m a chameleon. It’s like magic, people don’t know what I’ll be pulling out of a hat.

What’s the one memory you will take away from the shoot from ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’?
I think it’s Abu Dhabi. I can’t tell you much about the film but it’s in Abu Dhabi where we all kind of get together. That was a blast. It was me interacting with Rani ma’am and Saif sir interacting with Sharvari. I’m interacting with Saif sir and Rani ma’am is interesting with Sharvari so it’s a four-way thing. I think that was the most exciting part of the shoot where we finally got to shoot with our idols. We were in Abu Dhabi are the best time as the climate was amazing at that time. I think Yash Raj were amazing. I’ve never been dressed up like that. I know what a Yash Raj Film is now! The heroes look amazing in their films – 10/10. I felt like I was a part of a big film. So I’d say Abu Dhabi was the most memorable time. thanks Siddhant Chaturvedi for talking to us. ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’ is scheduled for release on 19th November.