Shivam Trivedi on the rise to stardom as YouTube content creator


After shooting up the popularity charts as a YouTube content creator, New Delhi’s Shivam Trivedi is rejoicing with over a million subscribers.

Shivam is a full-time YouTuber and makes family-friendly content that caters to all demographics. “I want my videos to be relatable to everyone. My own grandmother watches my videos and so does my little niece. To me their appreciation is very precious,” says Shivam.

Things might look all perfect but making roast videos these days isn’t as easy as it seems. Shivam learnt to deal with hate comments and copyright strikes the hard way. “I’ve developed a thick skin over time & hate comments do not bother me as much as they used to but for a content creator, Receiving a copyright strike does affect mental peace as well as the flow to work but in the roast category, it is common. Recently, A TV show that I roasted did not want their content to be used in the video, which is understandable. Thankfully, after a few setbacks, I found my way,” excerpts Shivam.

Recently, Shivam made a video about Instagram Reels that landed him on the YouTube Trending Page for the first time. The video started out by trending locally in various states of India like Maharashtra and Punjab but found its way to the top and was trending #17 India-Wide. Shivam initially started out by making animation videos when he was in eighth standard and it was during his engineering days that he got back to making videos on Youtube. While he was about to join a renowned company through campus placement, it was his viral roast on Rakhi Sawant that made him choose the YouTuber path! Due to sheer hard work, Shivam bagged The YouTube Creators Award – The Golden Play Button – after he garnered one million followers on the platform. His Second channel “ShivamThinks” also has over 150,000 subscribers and continues to grow.

Apart from being Productive, Shivam also believes in paying attention to Mental Health and spending quality time with family. “My sister is probably the best critic and well-wisher. Those 3 am talks with her are wonderful and very productive.”

The unique thing about Shivam’s videos is that they do not hit below the belt or have cuss words.
Shivam plans to continue making family-friendly roast videos on various relatable topics and grow his channels even more

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