Shilpa Rao: “If given a chance to try something new, I am always game”

Sahar Junejo


Shilpa Rao is one name you can’t box into one category. She’s known for trying out different styles of music, aside from some memorable tracks that she’s sung as a playback singer.

One of her recent songs is Raavan, along with Amit Trivedi. caught up with Rao to talk about the release and her aspirations.

You have an immensely diverse catalogue of songs from over the years. Is there any genre you are still hoping to explore?
I’m fortunate to have got the opportunity to sing from dance to soulful numbers. If given a chance to try something new, I am always game for it. Just like we did with Raavan as I had never sung a trance song too.

For Raavan, what appealed to you the most?
Like I said, I’m fond of Amit Trivedi’s compositions and it just happened in spur of the moment. When I heard the track, I was convinced in a moment that I want to sing it.

You’ve collaborated with Trivedi before for Bollywood music. Was working with him on his own album a different experience?
I was in the studio was recording for ‘Mission Mangal’, I was recording for ‘Shaabaashiyaan’ and there was this track and Amit just spell it to me, Can you just put down some idea whatever comes to you and in one take I just sang that part for the song Raavan. It just worked and that’s how it happened. It wasn’t something that took a lot of time, it was a very spontaneous reaction of mine to the song.

Do you have any plans to release your own album?
I’m working on my own music and will definitely work it out ahead, plus I have some new singles in pipeline too.

Do you have a particular song or genre of music that you listen to which you feel in a happy trance with, that puts you instantly in a happy place?
Well, there is no one form of music; there is everything. I have been like this since I was a child. I have kept my mind open for all genres of music. I listen to funk and I listen to pure classical music, I listen to western classical music, Jazz, pop, alternate, WDM, hip-hop… so everything really.

What’s coming up next?
Future projects, yes, there are more couple of singles and songs that should be out. Some tracks with Pritam are coming too so I am really hoping for a great festive season. thanks Rao for her time in speaking with us.