Shah Rukh Khan opens up about ‘Pathaan 2’

Veena Patel



Yash Raj Films’ ‘Pathaan’ has proved a global phenomenon breaking a number of records since its release last week.

The team of ‘Pathaan’ held a special press interaction on Monday to celebrate the success of the film. While addressing the media, director Siddharth Anand got fans excited when he was heard saying, “Pathaan aayi hai, hit hui hai. Uske baad kya banayege?” to which fans screamed “Pathaan 2.” Anand responded by saying, “Insha allah. (If God wills)”.

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When asked Shah Rukh Khan about plans for a sequel, he said, “This is a big day for us, my family. We haven’t experienced this happiness in a while. I am very happy with the opportunity given to me and to my co-actors my friends. Insha Allah! Whenever he wants me to do Pathaan 2, I’ll try and be bigger, and better and will grow hair long. If they want to make a sequel, it’ll be my honour to do it.”