Salman Khan: “The kind of films that are being made are shocking”

Sahar Junejo


Salman Khan, who has had a ‘no on-screen kissing and nudity’ policy since the beginning of his career, plans to continue this philosophy through the films he produces.

In an interview with DNA, Khan expressed how he feels about the content being produced nowadays, “One thing is clear in my mind. I just want to make clean, entertaining films. I’m constantly wondering if I’m doing the right thing or the wrong thing because there are bizarre trends today. The kind of films that are being made (especially some of the stuff on the web) are shocking! I can’t even watch the stuff, but people are watching it.“

But Khan refuses to join the trend, focusing instead on his tried and true family friendly formula, “After our first film, we moved straight into the Barjatya family zone. Abhi bhi when a kissing scene comes on screen, we’re all awkward. See it whichever way you want, but I will put my heft behind clean cinema. So, instead of ones and twos coming in to watch movies, I’d rather want our banner to have films where people know they will have the naughtiness, humour, action and romance, but all of us can watch them together. That’s what I want to keep it to. Aur agar koi picture ‘A’ rated hogi (And if a film is rated ‘A’), then it will be because of action. I’m not for kissing and nudity in films at all. “

Khan’s upcoming film ‘Bharat’ will release on 5th June, where he will not be kissing Katrina Kaif.