Sadhguru expresses dismay at ‘A’ certificate for ‘OMG 2’ in India

Azha Khan



Sadhguru has expressed his dismay at the controversial certification of ‘OMG 2’ by the Central Board of Certification (CBFC).

The film underwent 35 cuts, with one of the changes being Akshay Kumar’s character from depicting it as a deity to a messenger of Lord Shiva.

Kumar, along with other cast members including Yami Gautam and Pankaj Tripathi urged everyone to watch the movie despite its controversy surrounding sex education.

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Sadhguru took to social media to disapprove the CBFC’s decision. He said, “‘A’ Certificate in this case should include Adolescents. That’s where it matters most. Education about understanding human biology and responding to the biological needs of an individual in a dignified and responsible way is very needed to build a Nation that is Fair & Just to all involved. -Sg #OMG2 @akshaykumar.”

Meanwhile, Gautam told ANI, “When one will see this film, they will find that there is nothing skeptical in this film. A very important and sensitive subject has been raised in this film, especially related to children’s education. The whole subject has been covered beautifully in the form of a courtroom drama. There is also comedy and a lot of entertainment in this film and I am happy to be its part.”