Rita Morar on her debut EP: “I’m a true believer of everything happens for a reason…”


Popular UK-based Hindi-English fusion singer Rita Morar has been upto quite a bit during the last few months, while we’ve all been trying to manoeuvre through the uncertainty. Having previously collaborated with some well-known names, Morar is all set to release her first ever EP, titled ‘Blossoms in Isolation’, next week.

BizAsiaLive.com caught up with the singer, to talk about this milestone moment in her career.

‘Blossoms in Isolation’ is your debut EP. Apart from the feeling that is obvious from its name, how would you describe that it represents you?
It represents all the music that I usually love to listen to whether it would be slow ballads, hip-hop, ambient and also instrumental. I wanted to create an EP that would take the Listener on a journey through the emotions whether it be happy or sad. The title can also be interpreted in another way; that I was able to create ‘Blossoms in Isolation’ referring to the creation of each track.

What was the main driving force in doing this and releasing it this year and during the pandemic?
This actually happened by chance when I was speaking to a fellow artist. As I had more time on my hands and the right equipment at home to record and contacts, I realised that this was a chance for me to do my best to dedicate time and effort to devising music that was already full of emotion. For a long time I have been saying I have been working my EP and although I thought I was, I realised that to focus on the feelings that we are currently facing in this pandemic I would have to bring a new energy and hence why I started working on these tracks in March.

You’ve worked with many artists for this EP. How did all of that come about?
My music brought me to these artists because I felt they would bring the best out in the music and emotion that I was trying to portray in the tracks. For the title track ‘Blossoms In Isolation’, it literally took myself and the amazing Shri Gadhvi a couple of days to put together a full song just from a piano demo because the vibe was there and he understood everything I wanted from the song to even featuring Robin Christian on the Bansuri Flute which was phenomenal.

I was introduced to Young Valli this year. I was blown away by his artistry, passion for music and free spirit that I had to work with him on my debut EP. YV features on ‘Lean On Me’ and also ‘If The Stars Align’. But he was more than an just an artist; he helped me to write, co produce, add in dynamics to the music and also was a big force for behind the scenes ground work to bringing the EP to life. He brought in the talented Kid Music to produce ‘If The Stars Align’ who put a different spin to the actual demo which took the song to another level. I’m truly grateful for how much work and passion Shri and Young Valli have put in; if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here talking to you about my EP today.

Tell me how it felt that it all came together in the way that it has at such an uncertain time?
There were no holds barred here. We didn’t let the pandemic affect us because we were all focused. Even though we didn’t see each other physically or be in the same studio, we still took the time to plan and create the music that we needed to in our own environments and then put it all together. I won’t lie that there were many late nights in fact early mornings in creating the tracks back and forth, but once we had the vision, we wanted to make sure we got the best out of what we could possibly produce. We trusted Freeza to mix and master the tracks, bringing out the best in the audio quality for the listeners.

I always knew that if I ever released an EP, it would have to be Vik Kainth that created the artwork. He has created such an amazing image that has taken the breath away for many people when they view this EP cover as it shows elements of my music and personality. As for visuals, I had to cancel this many times due to government procedures early summer but once the guidelines were a little relaxed, I got together with my team Qaptures and make up artist Raakhi Tanvi to create a photo campaign that was intertwined with flowers but also bold and powerful. No doubt did they deliver but exceed my expectations.

I’m a true believer of everything happens for a reason and at the right time. The EP ‘Blossoms In Isolation’ is such an example of this belief. Big love to my team, you’re all absolutely amazing.

You’re known for your fusion style singing but when it comes to music, what’s your personal favourite genre?
This is such a hard question because it depends on my mood! But if you are asking me what my favourite genre is it actually would be hip-hop because that’s what I chill out to, drive to, and basically connect to because of the poetry and hard hitting music.

You’ve been hosting your own MusicHeals IG live series for so many weeks, looking at the journeys of various artists. What made you start this?
As an artist I suffered back in March because my shows and live interviews were being cancelled. I wanted to create an energy online to keep everybody embraced in how music can heal. I’ve always pondered how music touches other people and so I couldn’t think of a better way or better time to bring it out and share with others how deep music can actually go. I didn’t expect the series to get as big as it has now, with over 50 guests and still going strong it’s been a pure blessing. I am not a presenter or a host but this has opened up something else for me as an artist to have an honest conversation and banter about something that’s so close to my heart. Not only do I interview, I also sing before my guest joins me and this has been received well by the public. There are plans for ‘Music Heals’ to develop once lockdown is over, keep posted!

I have to take this opportunity to thank everybody that has supported me and has been part of this movement. The energy and love has been unreal and I hope it has made a difference for many to be inspired in music.

What have you learnt over the weeks, talking to so many people about common interests within the series?
I have learnt that we all have a common theme in terms of how music heals us. That it is a great energy that helps us to be connected with our emotions and our feelings of that particular moment in time. It’s also been escapism for many of us of our daily struggles and to hear how many have seen the light through music is such an inspiration. We all have our own journeys; no two are the same however our main goal has been about music and always will be about music. For me that was incredible to hear and witness through each soul I have encountered on Music Heals. I’ve also been able to create a Spotify list called ‘ Music Heals’ with each person featured advising let what their ‘Song of Solace’ is so that it can keep others inspired if they need to listen to what music helps others.

What’s next for you musically, after the EP?
After the EP I have a few projects lined up which I can’t really reveal now but I am sure their listeners will be so happy to hear that I have gone back to my Bollywood genre roots – watch this space! I am also hoping that once restrictions are lifted; I can perform live. I have been missing this aspect of live music tremendously and have been missing the audience too. Fingers crossed for everything!

BizAsiaLive.com thanks Rita Morar for sharing her experiences with us.

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