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Raveena Mehta recently features in the acoustic version of Tiger Shroff’s first single Casanova. She wowed with her voice and proved to be a great addition to the song. However, if you think that she is a novice in music, you’d be mistaken as she has been breaking those boundaries since a very young age. spoke to the singer about the song as well as her musical journey since childhood.

You’ve recently had the release of Casanova acoustic. How did this collaboration with Tiger Shroff come about?
Casanova Acoustic came to fruition when Avitesh Shrivastav, the music director of the project, reached out to me and brought me on board for the acoustic version. Avi and I recorded a demo and showed Tiger, who really enjoyed the R&B sentiment and vibe of the acoustic. Soon after, we all got into the studio, created a structure for the song and recorded the final vocals. It was a beautiful process.

What’s been the reaction you’ve received for the song?
It’s been such a positive and overwhelming response. People have truly enjoyed the acoustic version and the way in which both Tiger and my voice and tone compliment each other. The softness and organic amalgamation of our voices and the music is what has been most appreciated. I am so pleased and grateful to witness this kind of appreciation and reaction.

What was it like working with Tiger Shroff?
It was an absolutely beautiful experience working with Tiger. I was truly humbled by his kindness, humility, dedication, vision and his willingness to hear out and respect my suggestions while creating the structure as well as on set. He was very easy to work with and we had a really fun time in the process.

The video is slick and pretty simple. How much input did you have in how that version of the song was shot?
The video was produced by Tiger’s team and they did an absolutely beautiful job. I had offered a couple of suggestions while on set and they were very open to hearing my ideas and truly made me feel welcome.

Looking back at your musical journey, you’ve been a real talent and had a passion for music from a very young age. What do you think had been the most easy and the most difficult time of your journey?
That’s a beautiful question. I started my musical journey quite young and looking back on it, I feel a true sense of gratitude for every easy and difficult moment in my journey. All the experiences, highs and lows have made me the person I am today and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I would say one of the most difficult decisions in my musical journey was when I decided to take a break from music and delete my social media presence when I was around 16 years old. I needed to take some time and space to understand who/what I was pursuing music for. I am a big believer in autonomy and making sure that whatever I do, allows me to feel internally fulfilled. I also needed the space and experiences in my life (which occurred through completing school, university and meeting new people) to get more acquainted with my sound. I feel grateful for having taken that break. Sometimes, you have to let go of the things you love, to better value them in your life.

I would say the most ease I have felt through my journey is having the support of my family. The unwavering support that I get from my relationship with my mum, who is also my manager is one I value greatly. I would say easy, as the ease and flow of our relation is something I continue to respect.

You had an album when you were 12, which is pretty impressive. Looking back, would you say your ambition from a young age has paid off?
I think what has paid off is my early understanding of having a long-term vision for myself. Through the process I have learnt a great deal about patience, the importance of having goals and strategy. I think these kinds of visions only come from exposure, which once again, I only have my parents to thank for.

You mention on your website that your cultural outlook shifted when you moved to Mumbai in 2008. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt about culture since then?
Moving to Mumbai in 2008 brought one of the most pivotal shifts in my thought process. It allowed me to understand empathy and gratitude in a far deeper manner. Through my experience moving from the quaint city of Antwerp to bustling Mumbai, I learnt the significance of understanding my own cultural identity and I realized how much that introspection informs my perception of the world – something that I appreciate greatly.

What’s next for you?
I have various exciting projects in the pipeline, collaborations and singles, which I am excited to showcase. I hope you are all excited for what’s to come. Stay tuned! thanks Raveena Mehta for talking to us.