Ramesh Sippy to comeback after 17 years

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Sippy to come back after 17 years
Sippy to come back after 17 years

17 years after directing his last film, ‘Zamana Deewana’ (1995), director Ramesh Sippy is all set to make a comeback. Known for always��venturing into the unknown, Sippy now has plans��for a��thriller movie.

NDTV reported Sippy confirming, “The challenge for me is to venture into the unknown every time I direct a film. When I directed my first film��Andaz, it was considered risky to do a love story between a widow and a widower. The thrill in doing a thriller is that I have never attempted this genre before.”

The director went on to explain��that he had read a script written by Sridhar Raghvan and felt it was time for him to get back behind the camera once again.��”I am aware I haven’t directed a film for many years. But I saw no reason to jump into it just because of a time lapse. I’ve made films out of very powerful scripts in the past. Then I directed Zamana Deewana��in 1995, which was not that strong in content,” he stated.

Sippy, who has made some major hit films such as ‘Seeta Aur Geeta’ (1972), ‘Saagar’ (1985) and the major blockbuster ‘Sholay’ (1975), has been reported to want��Amitabh Bachchan play a part in his upcoming thriller. Although not much about the project has been revealed, news has it that the director plans to get the film going by the end of the year.