Rajiv Adatia on entering ‘Bigg Boss 15’ & being in competition with rakhi sister, Shamita Shetty

Ketna Mistry



London, UK based Rajiv Adatia is a well-known name in the showbiz industry, has entered the ‘Big Boss 15’ house as a wild card entry. For those that don’t know, Adatia is also Shamita Shetty’s rakhi brother, who is currently a contestant in the house too.

In an interview with India Today, Adatia was asked if he has devised a strategy for when he gets into the house, the social media influencer said, “Every day something new happens in the BB house, so I couldn’t really prepare much. So much happens that it’s unpredictable. I am just observing the contestants before entering the house and trying to understand them. Since I am new to this, I hope my fans love me and support me once I get locked up. I am going to provide them with the best entertainment they can get.”

He further added, “I am my own strategy. I am not making a plan because I might not even be able to execute it. Like I said, in Bigg Boss, you see something new every day. You don’t know what to expect.”

Talking about why he decided to go on the show, Adatia said, “I said yes to Bigg Boss because it is the biggest reality show, and it was such a good opportunity for me. I have loved Bigg Boss for so many years. I want to test my luck, mental skill and strength in the house.”

On the matter of being in the house with his rakhi sister, Adatia shared he will treat her as a competitor, “Even though I am her rakhi brother, I am going in as a contestant. I might be like her brother outside the house, in fact, even inside the house. However, I will treat her as my competitor. If I get any chance to help her, I will make it a priority. However, it is a game, and I am going in to win.”

Adatia is also very excited to meet the host, Salman Khan, “I am so excited to interact with him. The way he conducts Weekend Ka Vaar episodes is simply amazing. The kind of aura he has will make everyone go weak in the knees. He is the best host, and he connects well with the audience and the contestants.”